Code Red & Shriek Show Bring Scream (1981) To DVD



Coming to DVD June 30 from Shriek Show, Byron Quisenberry’s SCREAM (1981 – AKA THE OUTING).

No one ever returns from this phantom town of TERROR! A group of friends on a rafting trip down a river stop in at an old ghost town to spend the night. Soon their rafts disappear, and then they begin to be eliminated one by one by a mysterious killer.

The film has a bad rep with slasher fans, but if you can deal with the slow-burning pace and gratuitous stunt-bikers you’ll find a subtly creepy slasher film with an seemingly omnipotent murder whose identity, origin and motivations aren’t spelled out explicitly, but rewards eagle-eyed viewers.

Code Red produced the disc’s contents, which included an Audio Commentary by director Quisenberry, said to explain the mystery of the killer, creepy dolls and ship painting. Plus: Theatrical Trailer and TV Spot.

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8 Responses to “ Code Red & Shriek Show Bring Scream (1981) To DVD ”

  1. I’ll check this out.

    Coincidentally, I’ve been wanting to see films where the bad guy’s are kept mysterious…

    Maybe it’s in reaction to all the bad Mr’s and Ms’ Expositions (ahem- Martrys, Pontypool) that have me craving a killer who doesn’t need to be explained (Alien).

    Any more suggestions for this type, John?

  2. Consider it mine come July. :)

  3. I’ve been waiting for a proper DVD release of Scream for a while. It’s an odd little film that could have been better, but the atmosphere is fantastic. It is very different from your usual slasher, but well worth your time. It has a very creepy feel to it.

  4. Wow, I can’t believe this is getting a DVD release. Don’t get me wrong, I like this movie but it’s one of the all-time “so-bad-it’s-astonishing” horror schlock-fests. I must not be too eagle-eyed, because I became briefly infatuated with this movie and watched it several times and I have no idea who the killer was. That said, I’m excited for this DVD (with a commentary from Byron Quisenberry!) to explain the mystery of this bizarre film.

  5. love the atmosphere in this and cant wait to hear the commentary. can’t really see why its bashed by slasher fans. sure its slow moving and has only a few bloody moments but it’s creepy as hell. the idea of an invisible killer is awesome!

  6. I hope they’re using the Drew Struzan artwork on the cover!

  7. apparently its supposed to be out today!!!!

  8. Theres a review of the new DVD here

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