Code Red To Release Weekend Murders?


Here’s the latest from Code Red DVD:

Actor-Director Peter Baldwin was kind enough to grant us an on camera interview for one of our upcoming titles that Peter starred in. Peter also granted us a lively audio commentary/interview with HOSTEL producer Scott Spiegel and our extras producer Lee Christian. The film is an Italian giallo also starring some lovely Euro actresses, a British comedian, and a tough guy Italian star playing against type as a bumbling constable. We have a brand new HiDef master in its original scope aspect ratio (2.35:1). We are trying our hands at some Italian films and this one is ready to go and will be hitting the streets in late July (tentative July 21th). Stay tune for more info.

The secretive company haven’t actually stated what the title is, which makes it a little difficult to talk about, but based on the criteria, many seem to think it’s THE WEEKEND MURDERS (1970) AKA – CONCERTO PER PISTOLA SOLISTA.

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3 Responses to “ Code Red To Release Weekend Murders? ”

  1. Well it does mention “bumbling constable”, which Weekend Murders had. And it does star Peter Baldwin. And it is an Italian giallo. And it was originally filmed in 2.35:1 ratio. And since it is part comedy, the comedian fits right in there.

    …So…who knows? Haha,

  2. I really hope it does turn out to be Weekend Murders. It’s a fairly obscure film that I never thought would receive a DVD release. It’s a fun little mixture of murder mystery with a hint of giallo. I eagerly await this and recommend it to anyone who is curious.

  3. Look over on CR’s blog page. Cover art and specs for the film which is to be released on July 28th! Yeah! :)

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