Code Red's Dribbler Gets Special Features


Last month you heard about Code Red DVD releasing a lost retro slasher so rare, it isn’t even on the IMDB under any title we know of – that would be NIGHT OF THE DRIBBLER. Now the company are back with a slam dunk of an update.

Legendary funnyman/impressionist Fred Travalena recorded an audio commentary with cult director/writer Scott Spiegel and Code Red moderator/movie geek Marc Edward Heuck for a slasher/comedy he starred in titled NIGHT OF THE DRIBBLER. The film is about a killer with a basketball head who starts to kill the high school basketball team members! Fred plays four roles in the film, and he had a wonderful time doing impressions with our two moderators! We hope you’ll have fun, too, when this makes it’s U.S debut the summer of this year.

Did you hear that guys? Summer! You can see some photos of the session by heading over to Code Red’s always-revelatory Blog!

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23 Responses to “ Code Red's Dribbler Gets Special Features ”

  1. cool i really hope they release, the mutilator, silent scream, the visitor, NIGHTMARE and all the others they said they will release? DRIBBLER LOOKS FUNNY

  2. great news! Are they still putting out “Cut Throats 9″ and “The Farmer”?

  3. We have the rights to CUT THROAT NINE, but no one wants to lend us a 35mm print. I know one guy has it, and runs it (wears it out) all the time at screenings, but after repeat request still do not want us to use the print. This is why the film is NOT on our website (or ever was on our website).

    As for THE VISITOR, if it sells like BEYOND THE DOOR, I will lose money putting it out. we are waiting for buying public to come back and start buying (not renting) these high price titles.

    As for NIGHTMARE, due to the high volume of complaint, we are releasing a barebone edition of the film. We are shooting for a Halloween release. Since nothing is selling, this is most likely to fail in the sales like many of our recent titles.

  4. Hi codereddvd, Concerning the NIGHTMARE dvd…what do you mean by “high volume of complaint”?

  5. I think it’s safe to say DVD collecting is dead. Just download the movies for free from cinemageddon

  6. Sorry for this, I don’t want to speak for Code Red but I think he means “high volume of complaint” are the complete idiots who are constantly whining on message boards that NIGHTMARE is not out yet. I’d personally like to strangle each and every one of them. Now thanks to their bitching, NIGHTMARE is coming out with no special features because hes probably sick of people griping “when is it coming out”. I wouldn’t think it would be that hard to find someone to translate Italian to English for the commentary/interview or whatever it was…but maybe thats just me

    Anyway Code Red I’ll still support you as much as I can, and just ignore the idiots who post negative comments about your company.

    It sucks that sales aren’t that great but its not just that people don’t have money, its just that there are so many avenues of entertainment that grow every day that it is hard to keep to get consumers money on one particular item

  7. Honestly, all joking aside…who really cares about those crappy bonus features they do? The quality of them is terrible and they’re only worth watching ONCE, if that even. It’s the film that counts the most and what people really want, not some cheap looking video interview with the director. Just slap the trailer on there and put the original poster art and it’s GOOD to go!

    And why does Code Red bitch about sales and then announce stuff like “Night of the Dribbler”…it’s just ridiculous. Put out the GOOD titles you have before the crap, then maybe you can actually make some money back at least.

  8. I AGREE WHO CARES ABOUT SPECIAL FEATURES I DONT BUY MOVIES FOR SPECIAL FEATURES I WANT THE FILM I WANT NIGHTMARE, AND I WANT THE MUTILATOR JUST USE THE 3/4 INCH AS THE MASTER IF YOU HAVE TO JUST GET IT OUT THERE PLEASE!!!!, these are cult classics people will buy a lot more of then night of the dribbler crap, code red you want to build a reputation as a company that puts out good stuff putting out junk will ruin your rep look at sub rosa or brain damage films people see there name on a movie and expect crap. put out nightmare put out mutilator and just inc code red trailers as the special features thats good enough dont listen to the idiots who say they care so much about special features there spoiled brats vhs movies never had special features!!

  9. Barebones disc? Aww, that sucks.
    Those stupid trolls finally got their way. Scarlet and Splat, I don’t understand you guys at all. You call people who would like some special features spoiled, but you are the ones whining about ‘just’ the release being poured out. Now I do think that some of CR’s DVDs have a bit too much info, like an audio commentary with basically the same stuff as the interviews, there is still a lot of stuff that people like to see. Hopefully you will release an extras-packed version in the future. I’d love to see artwork, commentary, etc later on. As would a lot of people.

  10. I find it funny that people say Night Of The Dribbler is “crap”, and none of the dvd buying public have actually SEEN the movie yet. Personally I won’t buy a DVD unless it has at least an interview or commentary so I don’t see how others can generalize that no one wants special features, because I sure as hell do. I get sick of people saying “who cares about special features” because you are just generalizing.

    As far as making money, code red have stated several times their movies are not selling lately and it doesn’t matter if it is a well known title like “The Unseen” or “Beyond The Door” or a film someone made in their backyard titled something like “Here comes my axe, there goes your head”.

    So it wouldn’t matter if they put out a 5 disc blue ray edition of the Mutilator, with 12 commentary tracks and 19 hours of interviews, with 3d glasses and a full size replica of the fish hook, along with a bonus disk of a virtual tour of the house on the beach, and a free ticket to North Carolina to visit the actual beach house.

    In the current state of things IT WOULD NOT SELL WELL NO MATTER THE TITLE. get it?

  11. Only buying a DVD because it has stupid audio commentary is retarded, rusty rod. How about buying movies for the actual um…MOVIES?? duh

  12. Mr. Code Red is so full of shit. You are putting out a bare bones dvd of Nightmare because people are complaining? Bullshit. You either don’t have that extensive interview with the director you have been hyping up for months now or you are too stupid to edit the thing and put it on your dvd. Perhaps people will stop complaining if you actually released half of the flicks that you promise them.

    I’m sick of you blaming horror fans for your failure to deliver the goods. Put up or shut up. I’m willing to bet you will NEVER put out Nightmare, and then you’ll complain about not having a pristine print and blame the fans for not buying a million copies of The Dribbler.

  13. Brain hammer,

    find me a pristine print of NIGHTMARE and you will be god to horror fans. because the 7 prints I looked at is crap.

    NIGHT OF THE DRIBBLER is easy release. Not some 30 year old movie that all material are dead. BTW, few will buy NOTD because none of my title ever sold well. Contractual obligation is why I am releasing it. I never bitched about poor sales with NOTD. I haven’t even released it yet. Please do not put word in my mouth.

  14. Hey codereddvd,

    I watched a 35mm print of Nightmare at the Alamo Drafthouse about a year ago. They said that they had that print on loan from you and they thanked you for it. While not “pristine”, that print looked damn good! And the drafthouse guys were surprised at it’s quality. Like I said, I’m sure that was at least a year ago, but you would know for sure.

    Anyway, I understand that it’s a hard business your in, and I happy for the films that you’ve already put out. But, I think their would be less complaining if you just gave a straight forward and perhaps a more detailed answer describing as to what would delay a films release. Tell people more about what’s actually going on and they will understand.

  15. For example…If business isn’t good right now, and you just don’t have the funds to put out a SE of Nightmare…that would be an answer I think we all could relate to.

  16. Kris, you had me searching for ‘Nightmare at the Alamo Drafthouse’ until I realised what you were just saying. Funny.

  17. Hey jj, That’s Funny! Sorry about that!

  18. It’s going to be hard selling a movie with no history or reputation. Just a little warning for codered because i doubt anyone will buy this except some people on this site. as for Nightmare, i’m fine with my uncut bootleg.

  19. Fred Travelena! HA! I see him on Match Game from time to time. How funny is that? Is he in the movie or just doing commentary?

  20. Fred Travalena is the star of NIGHT OF THE DRIBBLER and plays three characters in the film. I moderated the commentary track with him, and filmmaker and all-around superfan Scott Spiegel sat in for spit-takes and giggles. Fred has a lot to say about his multiple decades as a comedian, and I think you’ll find it interesting.

    Regarding NIGHTMARE, what the Code Red people are trying to say is that they will be following the strategy Synapse used for STREET TRASH – there will be a simple no-frills release this Halloween to satiate the folk who’ve been chomping at the bones to see it, and later on there will be the big Special Edition with the Scavoli interview and other extras.

  21. I will buy every copy of this just to get it released! Please release this! I haven’t been this pumped about a movie since I heard Horrible (Absurd) was gonna be released!

  22. And by the way, we should all be happy that we even have a chance to see these movies at all these days. I love Code Red!

  23. Dear Code Red:

    What is the status of “The Farmer”? And why do you guys refuse to answer any questions regarding this release? I, and several others have e-mailed regarding this title, and you never respond. Please give us an update.

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