Code Red’s Nightmare DVD Cover

Presenting the DVD cover for Code Red’s Nightmare DVD! Forgive the roughness of this post. My PC/laptop access is a little constrictive right now, but this couldn’t wait. Great to see the classic artwork, of course, and click that baby for stunning hi-res! Thoughts?

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29 Responses to “ Code Red’s Nightmare DVD Cover ”

  1. I Love That Artwork As Well But They Ruined The Dvd Cover With The 30th Anniversary Banner. And The UNCUT And Limited Edition At The Bottom. Totally Destroys The Cover

  2. Great cover, but 100,000 copies seems a bit high for a limited edition, doesn’t it? I’ll be picking this up regardless; I just don’t want Code Red to press more than they’ll be able to sell and end up suffering for it. This title might be in-demand with genre fans, but let’s face it, outside of our circle it is pretty obscure. Hopefully that will change with this release.


  4. It’s great. 100,000 does seem a lot at first glance, but it’s a movie that exists in numerous different forms and Code Red will make money on it because the copyright is more or less a giveaway.
    I wish Hollywood wouldn’t cling to film rights.
    I would like easy to buy copies of Windows(1980)the first film of the 1980s and Night School, amongst other titles.
    And it would be great if you could get Butcher,Baker Nightmaremaker and Humongous.

  5. I was almost giving up hope. Will be pre-ordering this asap.

    Co-signing Butcher, Baker and Humoungous. Would love to see Curtains get a nice DVD too.

  6. Funny how people are still finding things to complain about with this release. I’m just thankful it’s finally going to see the light of day, couldn’t care less about what they add to the cover as long as the picture quality and special features are up to the usual standard. Sometimes I feel that DVDs have spoilt movie fans as there was a time I was just grateful to own the film.

  7. Guys, the 100,000 limited edition is obviously a joke. Whereas I don’t know if such a joke needs to be on the cover, I ain’t complaining. I love the fact that they used the original artwork!

  8. I don’t think DVDs have spoiled movie fans. Most of us already own these movies on some other format, and we’re just looking to upgrade to a better product. Wanting the best bang for your buck isn’t acting spoiled, it’s just wanting a product that you enjoy.

    I’m glad that this is being released on DVD, but not thankful. Code Red didn’t do me a favor, they just made a product I want to buy. This whole Code Red hate/love thing is really friggen hilarious!

  9. I have to agree with Wil. Goddamn, Christian, you can be really smug sometimes, you know that?

  10. I don’t think Christian is being smug. I think he’s right. Many horror fans have become brats online. “I deserve this” and “oh my god, they did this wrong, the whole thing is ruined”. While I disagree with Code Red’s informal way of operating, I respect them a lot more than many of the ruthless pricks representing the fanbase.

  11. Smug? If stating your opinion is smug then so be it, but people give Code Red a raw deal and it’s not necessary. They’re independent so you should expect delays and other issues with them.

  12. Remember a time when the slasher base wasn’t so cynical? When there was plenty of enthusiasm and cheer to go around no matter dark the situation for our favorite movies? *Sigh*

  13. Awesome, can’t wait for this and David A. Prior’s “Sledgehammer (1983)”!

  14. The code red bashing is a bit silly. At least they put these films out in good copies. Nightmare is great and finally has a good release.
    Try getting decent copies of Curtains, Humongous, Butcher Baker and number of other genuinely good slashers. If someone released those and the Boogens, I would almost certainly form a a religious cult around them.

  15. I’m still amazed at the releases they gave Don’t Go in the Woods and The Forest, as well as The Dead Pit and Devil Times Five. They may run behind schedule but it’s always worth the wait. Definitely one of my favourite companies when it comes to cult movies.

  16. I dig the art and am REALLY looking forward to getting this.

  17. I’m very happy about this release. I’ve been waiting a long time. But really 100,000 copies?? i think they meant 10,000 copies. Code Red will be lucky to sell 10,000 copies. Nightmare is such an obscure title that most people outside the horror realm don’t know what it is. Hell, most horror fans don’t know what it is. I love horror but my favorites are 70’s & 80’s slasher films and the universal monsters. I hope this release will bring more fans and Nightmare will finally get some recognition.

  18. i for one am very happy this is getting released. im thankful for company’s like Code Red and Blue Underground and such, im not gonna wine like a bitch about the cover as long as its a up to par release of a badass flick. cmon people quit your fuckin bitching and show some gratitude

  19. Well said Adam, I agree about Blue Underground, they’ve unearthed and remastered some of my favourite movies and introduced me to loads more. Code Red have done the same.

  20. I’m with Adam. I’m happy that Nightmare is coming. Code Red kicks ass. If it wasn’t for Code Red, Blue Underground, Dark Skys, ect, we would probably still be waiting for someone to put these obscure titles out. It makes me wish I had the money to create my own company and track some some of these titles down like New Years Evil, the Slayer, The Mutilator and put them out on DVD. I guess I need to start playing the lotto.

  21. Dark Skys? Not heard of that one, what have they released?

    Severin is another pretty good one, as is Synapse.

  22. Hey Christian,
    Dark sky films has released the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Hatchet 2, Magic, Eaten Alive, and some others.

  23. Oh yeah I think I know them, didn’t they release House of the Devil as well (a great movie until the inappropriate splatter finale)?

  24. yes they released House of the devil, just the fact that all of these obscure slashers are getting released is enough for me. as long as they get a proper dvd transfer i could care less if they all had the title on the case. im sooo excited for this

  25. I’m guessing they meant 10,000 unless it’s some kind of joke? Code Red DVD’s don’t sell anywhere near that in the first place, I bet most retro horror DVD’s don’t. Would 100,000 even qualify as a limited edition?

    I don’t think the cover is ruined by the banners at all. It’s not like they put some dorky kid on the cover. I think covers announcing “limited” or “anniversary” look more display worthy.

  26. I just got a woody…

  27. BTW—in August, Dark Scribe Press will be releasing a 600-paged slasher film book titled BUTCHER KNIVES AND BODY COUNTS, where I had the honor of writing a piece on NIGHTMARE (and I hear Romano Scavolini has an article in it, too). There’s over 70 authors paying tribute to classic slasher films…so glad the editor let me represent this classic.

  28. I Just Read On Codereds Website NIGHTMARE Is Being Released On Dvd In Widescreen UNCUT As Well As FULLFRAME Uncut.
    Awesome News………

  29. Everyone in the comments here talks about dark sky films, blue underground, code red, synapse and severin WHAT ABOUT SHOUT FACTORY MAN! THEY ROCK :)

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