Code Red's Top Ten Most Anticipated Releases


Code Red has managed to expose their audiences to a wealth of wonderful trailers, which excite most exploitation fans. This month alone we will see the releases of “Trapped”, “The Weekend Murders”, “Stunt Rock” and “The Strangeness”. And of course slasher fans have been eagerly waiting for the releases of “Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker”, “Nightmares”, and “The Mutilator”. Leaving the aforementioned titles out, this list provides ten more films that seem really exciting and one can only hope that they will be released very soon.

1.) “The Farmer”: (1977) This is one trailer Code Red has shown on a vast majority of their releases. The grainy and grimy picture reminds one of the classic genre of revenge films from the seventies. Gary Conway plays a retired war vet that is pushed over the edge. He wants a chance to start a farm and new life with his wife. When the going gets tough he starts working for a local mob boss and that is the start of a bloody dispute. The film was almost rated X for the depiction of violence. Columbia Pictures ignored this film after its very limited release. Not sure what type of film they thought they had because in the trailer they compare it to “Five Easy Pieces”, and “Taxi Driver”.

2.) “The Visitor”: (1979) This is a curio-piece of trash from the vaults. John Huston, (Director of “The Maltese Falcon”) plays an alien on Earth that must battle a spoiled brat with telekinetic powers. Now, how on Earth did this film manage to get Huston? It is often sad to watch a great director be so careless towards the end of their careers. This film is basically a who’s who of fallen stars; Glenn Ford, Lance Henriksen, Sam Peckinpah, Shelley Winters, and Franco Nero, as Jesus Christ. The trailer did not have any sound but some creepy music was added to it.

3.) “Riot on 42nd Street”: Canceled twice, this is a look back at what Times Square used to look like, which anyone that didn’t live through is curious about. This features an appearance by Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D’s Rick Gianasi and a cameo by Jeff Fahey.

4.) “Mean Johnny Barrows”: (1976) Fred “The Hammer” Williamson stars and directs this film. It is about an ex- G.I that starts work at a gas station and he is discovered by a local mafia boss and gets caught in the cross-fire of two rival families. Roddy McDowall, and Elliot Gould as Professor Theodore Rasputin Waterhouse (What a name.) co-star in this underrated action flick. An interview with Fred Williamson has been recorded for this DVD release.

5.) The Internecine Project: (1974) James Coburn plays a former secret agent promoted to government advisor. He has a past full of dark secrets that he must keep hidden. He sets up a ingenious plan to keep his future safe. Glad to see some of Coburn’s lesser films “hopefully” get the proper DVD treatment. This was co-written by Barry Levinson.

6.) “Power Play”: (1978) This is another trailer that received much exposure from Code Red and was released on home video by Media Home Entertainment. The film takes a provocative look at how a nation can be overthrown by the military. Director Martin Burke has recorded a commentary for the upcoming release. The film is elevated even higher by its A-list cast of Peter O’Toole, and Donald Pleasence.

7.) “Gang Wars”: (1976) Returning to New York from a martial arts competition with an amulet found in a cave a young man unleashes a demon. The demon takes up residence in the subway. The film mixes karate films with the slasher genre and that is enough to excite all exploitation fans.

8.) “Pets”: (1974) “There’s an Animal in Every Woman”. The sexy Candice Rialson, (“The Eiger Sanction”) stars in this hitchhiker film that manages to leave its audience with many provocative shocks. Would make a great double feature with another one of their forthcoming titles, “Teenage Hitch-hikers” (1975).

9.) “Who?”: (1973) This film was released on video as “Robo Man”. Elliot Gould, stars in this mix of mystery and science fiction. An American scientist is severely injured in a car accident in East Germany and the doctors in Germany improve his body by turning him into a cyborg. (This pre-dates the “Six-Million Dollar Man”) When he returns to America the F.B.I believes he is a spy from Germany and that is the catalyst for the action sequences in the picture.

10.) “Cheerleaders’ Wild Weekend”: (1979) This film is directed by Jeff Werner, who directed the Robby Benson vehicle and a personal favorite of mine, “Die Laughing”. It stars two cult film superstars, Jason Williams, (Flesh Gordon himself) and Kristine DeBell, (“Alice in Wonderland”). A school bus full of sexy cheerleaders is hijacked by a group of terrorists. An interview with Kristine DeBell has been included for this release.

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17 Responses to “ Code Red's Top Ten Most Anticipated Releases ”

  1. There also supposed to release nightmare in a damaged brain , the visitor, and silent scream, it seems all the best stuff they announce is the stuff that doesnt make it, who wants night of the dribbler when you can have the mutilator or nightmare in damaged brain or silent scream? i gotta settle for trapped what the hell is trapped?

  2. I want Silent Scream!!

  3. I left out “Silent Scream” but I mention the other two in the introduction.

  4. Silent Scream
    The Mutilator
    Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker

    These are the three I really want. I’ll probably get Nightmare, too. And one of there discs has a trailer for Rituals. Was there ever an official word on that?

    Otherwise, apart from Gang Wars and maybe The Visitor, those on the top ten hold no interest for me.

  5. I Want Nightmare & The Mutilator And I Am Happy

  6. Silent Scream and Night Warning are their biggest titles (Nightmare and The Mutilator are their biggest cult titles). But their other releases interest me too. The Internecine should be seen by slasher junkies as well. It’s a pretty good thriller with slasher tendencies. The shower kill is a personal fave of mine.

  7. My Nightmare video and DVD-r dub need an upgrade. Same with The Mutilator,and Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker for me. Come on Code Red follow through.

  8. Point of interest all you SS fans! Silent Scream (along with Cheerleaders’ Wild Weekend) is coming this fal, November 24th, to DVD. According to DVDAF that is. :) Thanks CR!

  9. Awesome News!

  10. Anyone know if The Soldier is out or if it’s coming our way? Classic flick.

  11. “The Soldier” is only on VHS from the MGM Movietime Label.

  12. This is a really great top ten list, “The Soildier” is definitely worthy of the #1 spot. Anyone can post their own list to our site The coolest feature is you can let other people vote on the rankings of your list.

  13. heres my list of wants from Code Red not out yet: Human Experiments, Blood Street, Silent Scream, The Mutilator, Scream, Nightmare, Riot On 42nd Street, Enforcer From Death Row, Dead People, Zombie Nightmare

  14. The number one movie on this list, is the movie I have been waiting for years to have on DVD. “The Farmer” hopefully will be released this year, there is definitely an audience for it.

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  16. Hi,
    When are you going to release The Farmer?

  17. I cant wait for the mutilator!!! Awesome 80’s slasher that I need to add to my huge horror collection. Slasher movies are my forte. The one slasher movie that has evaded us for a long time and as far as I know is only available on vhs is the classic “Humongous”. This is an excellent horror movie that needs to be released on dvd.

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