Criterion Releases Proto-Slasher Classic


On July 29, the Criterion Collection will release Roman Polanski’s proto-slasher classic “Repulsion” starring Catherine Deneuve. This 1965 flick features Deneuve as a paranoid psychotic who loses all grip on reality when her sister/roommate goes away for the weekend. Ceilings crack, hands reach out of walls, a bunny corpse starts to rot, and Deneuve finds interesting uses for a straight razor. Polanski’s first English-language film, “Repulsion” is a bonefide classic. Look for the director in a brief cameo.


Disc special features include:

  • New, restored high-definition digital transfer (with an uncompressed monaural soundtrack on the Blu-ray editi
  • Audio commentary featuring director Roman Polanski and actress Catherine Deneuve
  • A British Horror Film (2003), a documentary on the making of Repulsion, featuring interviews with Polanski, producer Gene Gutowski, and cinematographer Gil Taylor
  • A 1964 television documentary filmed on the set of Repulsion, featuring rare footage of Polanski and Deneuve at work
  • Theatrical trailer
  • PLUS: A booklet featuring an essay by film scholar and curator Bill Horrigan


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6 Responses to “ Criterion Releases Proto-Slasher Classic ”

  1. i cant wait what a great film

  2. Hey Scarlet Fry, me neither. I’ve held off many bootleg/pub domain versions for something like this to come along! Thanks Snake Oil!

  3. I’ve got the Program Power Entertainment DVD from 2005, and while it’s fine, the image is a bit soft. It’s easy to assume that the Criterion disc will be a major jump forward image-wise and special features-wise. Looking forward to this.

  4. Hey Snake oil, don’t forget the major jump forward for price too! It is criterion after all. Great releases, but ball busting prices. Tried to pick up Down By Law at a video store the other day, they wanted 59.99 for it!!

  5. Hey Julian. You’re 100% right about Criteron prices. I managed to pre-order it on for $34.95 + taxes though, and I think the Criteron site has the same pre-order price. Not cheap, for sure, but when it’s a fave flick, I’ll shell out the bucks. I was trying to track down the OOP Criterion disc of Hitchcock’s “Notorious”, but the prices were outrageous. Luckily, MGM released it shortly afterwards in a great and affordable disc. $59.99 for a flick is too much though… but “Down By Law” is a terrific movie. “I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!”

  6. OOP of print Criterion can be such a rip-off. I paid 70 bucks for a copy of Hard Boiled. The disc worked great the first time. Then a year later it doesn’t even play. The disc was gold instead of white which I didn’t know. I hate when Criterion’s go out of print. Anchor Bay too. I wish “Midnight Hour” didn’t go OOP so fast. But when Criterion goes cult they do a amazing job.

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