CURTAINS Finally on DVD (Don’t Get TOO Excited)

The 1983 Slasher Classic “Curtains” is out on DVD, legally released and without any fanfare. Starring John Vernon and Samantha Eggar, and co-directed by Richard Ciupka and Peter Simpson, “Curtains” is the flick with that indelible scene featuring a skater chased by a hag mask-wearing killer brandishing a scythe. It’s a title that Slasher fans have been screaming for for years. So why no PR?

Released by Platinum Disc in October of 2010 as part of a four-movie set called the Midnight Horror Collection, according to Rue Morgue Magazine, the version of the movie presented here is less than stellar (i.e. full-frame and sourced from VHS). Still, for those who haven’t seen “Curtains”, or for those longing to re-visit it again, this is the only legit way to go at the present (“Curtains” is a mainstay in the DVD-R grey market). I suspect the other movies in the set – Hoboken Hollow, Secrets of the Clown, and Room 33 – won’t do much to lure customers. However, “Curtains” stands as a fine example of the Golden Era Slasher, and until a Special Edition comes along, this may be worth picking up for that hag mask/scythe scene alone.

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8 Responses to “ CURTAINS Finally on DVD (Don’t Get TOO Excited) ”

  1. Hopefully 2011 Will Be The Year CURTAINS Gets A Proper Dvd Release
    WIDESCREEN From The Original 35 MM Negatives With Great Extras
    And Original Artwork For The Dvd. SYNAPSE FILMS , BLUE UNDERGROUND , SHOUT FACTORY And So On Should Scoop This Up They Would Make A Pretty Penny
    On This Classic 1983 Horror Hit.

  2. that would be great, along with the mutilator and maybe bloodrage along with it

  3. You can find this collection at K-Mart and Wal-Mart for $5. The transfer is kind of rough, but my vhs copy of Curtains is so chewed up that this dvd was still a step up in quality. This company has also released the first three Puppet Masters and other collections featuring horror movies no one has ever heard of before.

  4. Blood Rage needs a legit UNCUT release so bad that i’s unreal. Sadly that is one that is TRULY forgotten. The Mutilator will get one, I’m sure.

  5. this movie is meant to look like crap. if the transfer is too clean, it will lose half of its appeal.

  6. I respectfully disagree bubba gump.

  7. I bought this. It looks like a youtube rip. Dark atmophere is PART of the movie though. Trying to super clean it would make it look terrible to me. If it was taken from its 35 MM print in 1:85:1 it would look better but don’t tinker with it beyond that.

  8. Sure, the transfer isn’t anything to write home about it … but let’s be thankful CURTAINS is finally on DVD … besides … the quality of the print only enhances the movie experience :D

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