Danielle Harris Pic From Fear Clinic

For those not keeping up with the headlines, Robert Englund, Kane Hodder and Danielle Harris are currently shooting a web series entitled Fear Clinic, produced by FEARnet. Here’s a new image of the ultra sexy Harris in the role of Susan.

“There’s very few webseries that I have seen that look good, and that kind of take their time to make it good, because they don’t have the money,” says the thirty-two year old actress. “But I think that it doesn’t necessarily take a lot of money to make something good. I’ve seen some big studio films that look like s**t, so I think it’s the passion behind it and the consistency. And I think that this might break the mold for what this looks like.”

Fear Clinic also co-stars Lisa Wilcox, who had previously fought Englund in two A Nightmare on Elm Street films.


Source: IGN

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3 Responses to “ Danielle Harris Pic From Fear Clinic ”

  1. Harris is the hot stuff. Good to see her in something where said hotness isn’t hidden under dark, color-muted photography (coughing at you, HALLOWEEN redux).

  2. I hear that John. Honestly I’d like to see her at my house more than anything. Hey, at least we saw her topless in the Halloween remake.

  3. i love danielle harris she is so hot! :)

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