Dark Night of The Scarecrow Coming to Blu-Ray

The greatest TV Movie ever Dark Night of The Scarecrow (1981) is already availible on DVD but we just learned that, incredibly, a 30th anniversary edition is coming to Blu-Ray. Writer of the teleplay J.D. Feigelson passed the following details onto Dread Central:

It will have a lot of bonus material, most of which has never been seen. We are catering to the items which the fans have repeatedly asked for. The release street date is on or about October 4th, just in time for All Hallows.

Dark Night inspired several scarecrow slashers like Jack-o and Night of the Scarecrow (both 1995). It offered genuine suspense and chills without even showing the burlap-sacked straw-man perpetrator until the final scene. I can only think of one other similar movie to give me the creeps, that was William Wesley’s Scarecrows (1988), also an atypical movie, combining the tense action of Aliens with elements from the slashers and zombie subgenres.


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3 Responses to “ Dark Night of The Scarecrow Coming to Blu-Ray ”

  1. Sucks for me because I just bought the DVD. Should have waited for the Blu-Ray.

    Even though this was made-for-TV it must have been shot in 35mm because the DVD looks amazing and now there’s an upcoming HD release.

  2. Great news, hopefully it has a commentary.

  3. Absof*ckinglooootly LOVE “Dark Night of The Scarecrow”, I watch it EVERY Halloween. “Scarecrows”, “Jack-O” and “Night of The Scarecrow” were all “OK” in my opinion, but I REALLY liked the new “Husk”.

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