Dark Night Of The Scarecrow Coming To DVD

I’m coming out of a sick spell, so expect all the yesterday’s news to be posted that I can muster! Numerous have reported, but it was Horror Yearbook that brought it to my attention: Dark Night Of The Scarecrow (1981) is headed for DVD. Long before Larry Drake heckled his way through unauthorized surgery on teenagers (Dr Giggles is pretty much the last Retro Slasher in my book, coming in at 1992) he played a lovable slow man named “Bubba”. When he’s wrongfully killed by a bunch of hicks, he may or may not have returned from the dead to wreak revenge. Only the final scene reveals all. A dependable and haunting TV movie made all the more enjoyable by its excellent use of a grain silo.

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15 Responses to “ Dark Night Of The Scarecrow Coming To DVD ”

  1. HA! Wil over at HY just mentioned that you were supposed to post this… and look, you did!

    Very exciting news indeed. My boyfriend keeps asking me why I haven’t posted this info on my Made for TV blog but I think I didn’t believe it!

  2. Finally!!!! I’ve been watching the same old VHS straight from the 80’s since I was a kid and would love to see a nice DVD transfer with some special features. I love 70’s and 80’s TV movies and would say this is definitely my favorite of them all. This uber creepy classic needs the proper treatment.

  3. Yes!! :) great news, i wait so long for this. Hope so this will be a special edition! One of my favorite horror tv movie!

  4. Oh my god. I think my heart just skipped a beat. This is the best news I’ve heard all month!

  5. Sweet, great atmospheric flick. Do you think we can expect any special features?

  6. I never seen this one.I heard good things about it,I’ll probably buy the dvd.

  7. cant wait to pick this one up, its a hard to find vhs! ive been lookin for it for years, saw it on tv a long while back and now ive only been able to watchin it online.

  8. I’ve been waiting for Dark Night to be released on DVD for awhile now! It’s good to see it’s finally happening.

  9. ho damme i remeber ween i saw that film the atmospher is so weerd en creepy so if you have never saw that movie i hope a dvd realy soon en now evry body sing Rain on the scarecrow Blood on the plow
    This land fed a nation This land made me proud
    And Son I’m just sorry there’s no legacy for you now Rain on the scarecrow Blood on the plow
    Rain on the scarecrow Blood on the plow

  10. HA! Knifesky just quoted John Mellencamp and that’s all kinds of cool!

    And yeah, it kind of fits!

  11. Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

  12. I assume there are going to special features this is the last thing I heard from JD:

    “Here’s a technical update on the “Scarecrow” restoration. It is a total frame one
    digital restoration. The DVD is being made from the original 35mm Panavision
    Interpositive through the Sony HD Cam SR system. The soundtrack is being restored and
    remixed from the original 35mm D,M &E tracks and will be rendered to 5.1 and regular two
    channel stereo as in the original. National distribution will be in 2009 but the actual
    date has not been set. I am personally producing and supervising the restoration so that
    it will be totally faithful to the original.

  13. I can’t wait for this, too bad it won’t be out in time for Halloween.

  14. i hope on thist dvd hear a lot a stuff about Robert J. Koster en LarryDr. Giggles Drake hummm but afther i saw him again i tink i gone have somme Difficulty to find my self arrownd a cornfield for a coupel a week not

  15. I love the rainbow box cover. How retro

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