David Tennant joins Fright Night remake, McLovin is Evil Ed

davidtennant2Former Doctor Who star David Tennant will play vampire killer Peter Vincent in the new Fright Night remake.  Christopher Mintz-Plasse (McLovin from Super Bad) is the new Evil Ed.  They will join Colin Farrell, Anton Yelchin, and Toni Collette in the Dreamworks feature.

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4 Responses to “ David Tennant joins Fright Night remake, McLovin is Evil Ed ”

  1. Although I’m still a bit leery about a Fright Night remake, this cast is pretty first-rate.

  2. Ugh on Colin Farrel, but I love David Tennant. I might have to see this after all…

  3. While I really don’t think Fright Night needs a remake AT ALL, I love the idea of Mintz-Plasse taking the role of Evil Ed. Seems pretty perfect for him – plus I just love that guy for some reason.
    But is it me or is he in EVERYTHING lately?

  4. With one glaringly obvious exception the cast looks good and Dreamworks are the right sort of company for the project. But why bother? Fright Night’s charm is that it is such a 1980s film! It has gone past the taste barrier and now looks as classy as things like The Thin Man. Anyway didn’t Dreamworks remake the basic set-up a year or two back and call it Disturbia, or am I the only one who saw the similarity?

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