David Tennant: The Man Who Should Be Freddy Krueger

Warner Brothers should seriously consider David Tennant for the role of Freddy Krueger in the Nightmare relaunch now that the popular actor has announced he is leaving Doctor Who. Here are a few reasons why:

1. Tennant has a global fan base which means bigger box-office in overseas markets.

2. Tennant’s rabid female fans will go to multiple screenings just to see their hero. They won’t care about story or plot as long as Tennant has plenty of screen time.

3. Tennant is a damn good actor, something the Freddy character needs or the film won’t work. An actor playing Freddy has to display wit, charm, menace, and evil while buried under pounds of special effects make-up. Tennant is up for that challange.

4. No Fear. The man that fills Robert Englund’s shoes can’t be intimidated by Freddy’s past successes and failures. Tennant was the tenth actor to play Doctor Who, a staple on British tv for over 40 years. Taking on the role of Freddy shouldn’t scare him because he has the talent to make the character his own.

Now, why in the world would David Tennant want to play Freddy Krueger? Well, Tennant is very interested in playing The Riddler in the next Batman film. Warner Brothers could use The Riddler as a carrot to sign Tennant up for the new Nightmare on Elm Street. It’s the old “We’re more than happy to have you in our major film . . .if only you star in this other little picture first” bit.

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5 Responses to “ David Tennant: The Man Who Should Be Freddy Krueger ”

  1. Of course there’s no guarantee that The Riddler will be in the next Batman film, thou Tennant would be a fine choice for Freddy.

  2. I just get the feeling that the remake will get all molesty and awkard and Saw style gross. It won’t improve on the original, just heighten the original idea with more unsavory elements.

    There has always been reference to Freddy as a child molester, not “child killer” as they usually say in the NOES movies. I bet $ that they will focus on that, because its familiar, but uncharted territory of the original cannon.
    Like Zombie focussed so much on young Michael in the Halloween redux, because the fans had awareness of Michael’s youth, but it was still something that could be stretched in plot line for Zombie’s regurge.

    Tannant was good in the 4th Harry Potter movie. He plays an evil, weaselly character that I bet will get channelled into his Freddy portrayal, were it to come to pass.

  3. It’s not an option I would have considered, just because it had never been presented to me, but yeah, I think he’d be a FANTASTIC choice to play Freddy. He’s an amazing actor and I feel he could do just about anything – and more importantly – do it well!

    I’d love ot see him do it with the accent though. Like a snooty Freddy – that would be a hoot!

  4. Interesting idea but i’m sticking with Ben Foster for the new Krueger!

    Love your banners, by the way

  5. i hate remakes! A Nightmare on elm street is the best horror movie of all time. the fact that Robert Englund will not be playing freddy is to wutch i will not be seeing this movie

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