Debbie Rochon In Slime City Massacre


Enjoy this post, because it’s the last non-directly-slasher-related one you’ll be seeing in a loooong time due to a major refocusing of the site’s content. But I wanted to pimp this video shot on the set of SLIME CITY MASSACRE because 1. Greg Lamberson‘s SLIME CITY (1988) was quintessential 80’s sleaze, sort of a companion to STREET TRASH, 2. my buddy Wil from Horror Yearbook scored a crew monkey gig on it and 3. Debbie Rochon is my favorite scream queen ever, so there! This is Episode #12 of the SLIME CITY SURVIVOR series of videos, and you can catch up with more right here.

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8 Responses to “ Debbie Rochon In Slime City Massacre ”

  1. Really, Debbie is your favorite Scream Queen? I never knew that. She’s pretty awesome!

    And Wil is a good kid too!

  2. She seems like a cool chick. Looks like she took a bullet to the head. I need to catch up on my Scream Queens

  3. I watched some of this being shot and it looks like it can either be really good or it’s goiong to be absolutely horrible. Too much green screen and (probably) CG though.

    I wish I was there before Debbie left.

  4. I was there for the entire three week shoot. There are only a few green screen and digital effects. The rest are practical with real blood and slime.

  5. Well, it’s definitely something that has my attention, and that I will look out for.

  6. I love Debbie, but Linnea Quigley’s my favorite scream bar none.

  7. *scream queen, oops

  8. Hey everyone,

    If you want to hear more about Slime City Massacre, check out our recent show where we interview Greg Lamberson and more!!

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