Description Of Uncut My Bloody Valentine Gore!

UK fan Christopher Kane writes in with the following glorious details. Spoilers further in!

Just wanted to say that yesterday i received my copy of My Bloody Valentine special edition a week before it’s release. Lets me just say, I saw My Bloody Valentine when I was about 6 or 7 and over the past 24 years or so it still stands up as one of my favourite 80’s slashers. It was fun, creepy and kinda camp. Now when you choose on the special edition to watch the movie with the deleted gore footage it has become a dark, violent, scary and did I say violent already!!!!!!!!!

I cannot believe that over the years I heard and even saw pictures of the missing gore of MBV and always got excited about it……..What you may have seen and read does not do it justice. It is now right up there with The Burning in it’s brutality and gore effects.

Harry Warden is now a seriously nasty villian. And if this had been released in it’s uncut form in the 80’s I think he would had been right up there with Jason, Michael and Freddy.


All the deaths are now uncut each as nasty as each other. The ones that shocked me is the mining supervisor in the flashback sequence. Not only does he get a pick axe to the chest, he now has his entire torso ripped open and his heart pulled out by Harry.

  • We get to see Harry Warden eat one of the trapped miners arms instead of just cradling it.
  • Mabel now flies out of the dryer in full view of her charred corpse then rotates in the drier in slow mo for a good 30 seconds.
  • The bartender gets a pick axe to the jaw proceeding to push his eyeball out.
  • Dave has a face boiling scene that rivals the one in Halloween II.
  • Sylvia….oooohhh poor Sylvia. Gets the back of her skull rammed and I mean rammed through with a pipe, proceeding to come out of her open screaming mouth.
  • Hollis death is quite nasty with a nail gun to the side and front of his head.
  • Howard decapitation/hanging is there with a nasty shot of his head just hanging on a wire.
  • Patty’s death is a tad longer with more of an impact shot in her gut.
  • And what Axel does to his arm has to been seen to be believed.

The deleted footage itself is a tiny bit rawer than the almost perfect transfer of the movie (better than the paramount edition by far) so you always know when your watching a cut scene. The 5.1 audio is amazing adding extra creepiness to the mine scenes.

The suppliments are okay. MBV and the rise of the slasher movie is good and it has interviews with 3 of the cast and the director and producers and writers, but it doesn’t go into any detail and at 20 mins in length 10 mins of it is interviewing the cast and crew of My Bloody Valentine 3D.

The dvd has a cool interactive Horror movie history, by clicking on sub-genres of horror it gives a cool history and recommendations pf movies to watch. If you watch the deleted scenes seperatly then they are all introduced by the cast and crew giving some insight.

I cannot recommend this dvd enough. The movie itself has now such an extra depth to it now and it now almost feels like a new movie. It would be amazing if Paramount took notice at Lionsgate and pulled out the deleted footage for Friday the 13th part 2……..wishful thinking huh!!!!!!!

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12 Responses to “ Description Of Uncut My Bloody Valentine Gore! ”

  1. Man, I can’t wait for this.

  2. Does Anyone know if the scene at the Beginning is Cut Where Harry Warden & The Blond Lady are in The Mine. When he ramms her in the Pick Axe

  3. It Would Be Nice To See Lionsgate Get The Rights To HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME
    get an UNCUT Version with The Original Music
    Score As Well

  4. Yes, there is extra gore in the opening scene. Check out that other website that begins with the word SHOCK to find some great screenshots! DVD of the year!

  5. Hey jamie, the scene at the beginning with the blonde lady is now uncut

  6. Daaaaammmmmnnnn!!!! I cannot wait to get this in my hands.

  7. is the drill bit death intact??? all we see is the aftermath in the cut version…i read an interview on TerrorTrap w/ the director, he said that it was filmed, is the scene back in the film???

  8. I have to have this. I love this move ( it’s in my top 10) And i cant want to see the deleted scenes.

  9. Got the dvd today. It’s a dream come true to finally see this movie fully intact.

  10. The new dvd is amazing looking. I had to put the old one in just to do a comparision. The colors are rich and it has depth. I noticed things I’ve never noticed before and I watched this movie at least once ayear for the last 25 years. Also worth noting the friggen 5.1 dolby is amazing as well. Just do a comparision during Sylvia’s death and you’ll know what I mean.

  11. I need to vent. I have been everywhere trying to find this movie and can’t find it. That’s why there is piracy dickheads… you want to buy something and can’t because stores won’t bring this kind of stuff in. I should be tripping over copies of this, not coming up empty handed in store after store. It’s utter bullshit.

    A movie with a push like this one and I need to special order it? Give me a break. “Pieces” maybe I can understand, but a 3d remake in theaters and I can’t get a copy? Something is wrong here.

  12. For anyone still pondering over the exclusion of the now infamous “drill bit kill,” director George Mihalka has now cleared the air over at Shock Till You Drop.

    From STYD:

    Fans may balk that the new disc is not definitively uncut as it still lacks a few oft-rumored shots. Sadly, those choice bits have indeed been declared MIA as Mihalka discovered when he was asked to do a director’s cut roughly six years ago. “We went through the vaults and found out all of that negative has corroded or disappeared.” What the DVD, furthermore the new print of the film, contains is the remaining salvaged footage found in producer John Dunning’s storage space.

    “There was a scene with the two kids in the mine and they’re joined together forever,” Mihalka chuckles citing one still excised sequence. “There was a whole set up scene to that. They’re just necking and Tom’s lying on top of [Harriet] and the miner comes in and puts the [drill bit] through him. She’s got her eyes closed and thinks he’s just being a little frisky. She opens her mouth and her eyes just as he bleeds into her mouth. Then the miner goes whoomp! And [skewers] them both . That scene had to be taken out totally. It has disappeared and we’ll never see it.”

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