Director Talks WRONG TURN 3 DVD Release


Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead director Declan O’Brien has revealed that the movie is set to make its worldwide debut in London at the annual Frightfest event that will take place between 27th and 31st August. The second direct-to-DVD sequel to the surprise hit of 2003 will see lone mutant survivor Three Finger do battle against a group of escaped convicts with a new clan of inbred hillbillies. “That’ll be the world premiere,” O’Brien told Fangoria‘s Michael Gingold, “And then I think – though I’m not 100 percent positive – that we’re going to be at Los Angeles’ Screamfest after that.”

For those that are unable to attend either event, the movie will make its way onto DVD on October 20, courtesy of Fox Home Entertainment. Its predecessor, Wrong Turn 2: Dead End, surprised many sceptics by being not only extremely violent but also entertaining. Despite its success, Fox chose to bypass cinemas with its next instalment, hoping to recreate the success of the previous two films on home video.

“I did not do a commentary track because my editor was out of town and I really wanted to do it with him, and I didn’t think doing it by myself would be fun,” the director explains when asked about what kind of extras will be included on the disc. But what fans really want to know is, will Left for Dead be as gory as Dead End, which opened with a tasty sequence in which a prissy actress was literally sliced open straight down the middle. “I tried to think up really scary, unusual ways to die. We did my homage to the impaling scene in Cannibal Holocaust, only with a big fat sheriff in uniform instead of a beautiful naked woman. I thought that would be funny.”


Source: Fangoria

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5 Responses to “ Director Talks WRONG TURN 3 DVD Release ”

  1. i cant wait! that poster he is holding in that pic above looks awesome i wanna see that cover! and aww man no commentary track :(
    they can fit one in. October is long away!

  2. I agree with CJ, great cover/poster. I’ll look forward to that CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST tribute scene!

  3. We’re looking forward to this movie as well. Plan to hype it up a lot on the show the closer it gets to release. Also, we hyped up the Sleepaway Camp 4 trailer that was released by Mr. Klyza.

  4. i am a big fan of wrong turn, so you guys saying wrong turn 3 will be up in august 2010?

  5. this movie very good i watched 1-2-3

    Turkey / ?stanbul

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