Don’t Go in the Woods . . .The Musical

Vincent (Full Metal Jacket) D’Onofrio has directed a new slasher musical, Don’t Go in the Woods.  D’Onofrio co-wrote the film with Sam Bisbee and Joe Vinciguerra.  Don’t Go in the Woods was filmed in 13 days on a budget of $100,000.  The cast is mostly unknowns except for the great Eric (Special Effects, Talk Radio) Bogosian.

The central plot centers around a rock band retreating to a cabin in the woods to write new songs for an upcoming album.  All thoughts of writing stop when a bunch of groupies show up looking for a party.  During the party, band members and groupies begin to vanish one-by-one after a mad slasher crashes the festivities.  Don’t Go in the Woods sounds like a throw back to the rock slashers of the 80’s, but this one will be a full musical and not just concert footage inserted between kills.

As far as I can tell, Don’t Go in the Woods has yet to find a distributor but it has played in some small film festivals.  A soundtrack will be released when the film gets an official release.  D’Onofrio has taken the film on a tour of pubs and coffee houses in New York City.  Under the name George Geronimo Gerkie, D’Onofrio shows up as a fictional singer, plays some country tunes, and then screens footage from Don’t Go in the Woods for the audience.

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  1. Vincent has Jason Blum who was responsible for “Paranormal Activity” getting into the theatres working on the commercial release for “Don’t Go In The Woods.”

  2. sweet! Finally since Sweeney Todd, a real decent slasher musical!

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