Dribbler Taken Off The Court For Now

crI only throw bad basketball puns your way to mask my disappointment that Code Red’s NIGHT OF THE DRIBBLER (1995) has been delayed. Pretty much the most anticipated lost slasher since it never came out in any format, I guess what’s a few more months after about a decade plus? Read on for some Code Red release date reshuffles:

“We have changed the streetdates for some of our announced titles. TRAPPED will now come out on 8/4, and THE WEEKEND MURDERS will be released on 8/11. CHOKE CANYON has been postponed due to poor pre-book, and NIGHT OF THE DRIBBLER has been pushed back to later this year, as has POWER PLAY.”

I’d be refreshing, if, for a change, the comments below could be something different than the usual complaining. How about we see your best basketball metaphors/jokes since mine clearly stink!

Source: Code Red Blog

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11 Responses to “ Dribbler Taken Off The Court For Now ”

  1. Oh well. If the DRIBBLER was postponed, it’s probably a foul ball anyways. :|

    Nah. I got nothing.

    I’m just happy it’s coming out at all. Besides, I can’t shill out money for Weekend Murders, Strangeness AND Night of the Dribbler at once. I’m in a pinch so actually, keeping it off for the moment may be better for my finances since I can never stay away.

  2. code red delaying something im shocked, geez ill be more shocked if it even comes out at all

  3. “I’d be refreshing, if, for a change, the comments below could be something different than the usual complaining.”

    Thanks for listening to Klyza, walter…XP

  4. Damn! Guess Dribbler wont be ‘shooting through my hoop’ anytime soon :-(

    Please release it soon Codred I’ll buy it for sure!

  5. Code Red gets a technical for too many shot clock violations!

    I’m intrigued with this one & will be waiting for it’s release, whenever it is.

  6. Code Red pisses me off!


  7. I wish Code Red would consider letting fans buy directly from the site? Like Warner just did, I would easily shell out the money for “Choke Canyon”. I have to agree with Josh, I’m low on funds so no problem waiting but I plan to Pre-order “Trapped” later today.

  8. I hear the Dribbler is Kurt Rambis.

  9. Man, I would kill to get a copy of Night Of The Dribbler

  10. Code Red could consider making these available as digital downloads where you could buy and burn the disc images. Don’t know how profitable that would be for them, but they probably don’t make a whole lot of money off of their DVDs as it is – which is probably why a lot of their releases are delayed. Sucks for such a good company that takes time with their releases and makes rare and hard-to-find movies available again to the public.

  11. That’s a good idea about making them into digital downloads!

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