DVD Announcement: The Last Horror Film

lasthorrorfilmdvdWe here at Retro Slashers are big fans of ol’ pockmark-face Joe Spinell’s thematic acting follow-up to Bill Lustig’s MANIAC, and are excited about its forthcoming S.E. DVD release via the bastions of the bad, Troma Entertainment.

The uncut status and special features sound mouth watering – it even contains the “lost” remnants of the MANIAC sequel MR. ROBBIE! We hope to have a review for you soon – for now, read on for the details:



Street Date: 5.19.2009 – List Price: $14.95

“Cuts deeper than the average slasher film.” – MOVIE GAZETTE

“The late, great Joe Spinell is a knockout…a must-see!” – RETROSLASHERS.NET

Troma Team Video is proud to unleash for the first time uncut on DVD, one of Joe Spinell’s (Rocky, The Godfather) most perverse, unnerving performances, since his unforgettable starring role in Maniac, in this underrated gem of the 80s — The Last Horror Film.

The Last Horror Film will be the third installment in the ‘Tromasterpiece Collection’ – Troma’s new line of video product which promises fans and new audiences alike, optimum quality releases, along with the comprehensive supplemental material, of the world’s greatest obscure entertainment.

Cult/horror fans will rejoice, as this film also reunites Spinell with another Maniac-alum; Hammer horror film star and Bond-girl babe Caroline Munro. Contrary to the typical psycho-stalker-roaming-the-streets affair, The Last Horror Film at the height of the American slasher revolution takes place during the 1981 Cannes Film Festival.

Vinny Durand (Spinell), a lonesome New York cab driver who lives at home with his mother, has dreams of becoming a famous film director. Consumed by his depraved obsession with beautiful horror actress Jenna Bates (Bond-Girl Caroline Munro) and determined to have her star in his first film, Vinny trails her to the Cannes Film Festival. While Vinny’s disturbing fascination grows, a mysterious killer begins slaughtering all people in Jenna’s entourage. Is the obsessed fanatic and the psychotic killer one in the same? Will this be Jenna’s Last Horror Film?

“Exciting…Like nothing else…” – Steve Swires, STARLOG MAGAZINE

The Last Horror Film DVD will include the uncut version of the film, which has never been released in America on video and was only available on the pre-certification UK VHS tape released over 25 years ago. The Troma Team produced a fascinating new featurette, My Best Maniac which features Spinell’s closest friend, Luke Walter who boldly reminisces about the hilarious antics and vivacious spirit of Spinell during the film’s production. Also inclusive on the disc, is a brand new audio commentary with Walter, a new interview with Maniac director William Lustig, Buddy G’s (Combat Shock) rarely-seen short film Mr. Robbie (aka Maniac 2) which features Spinell in one of his last performances before his untimely death, original and new trailers, and much more!

Special Features include:

  • My Best Maniac: An afternoon with Spinell’s best friend, Luke Walter
  • Audio commentary by Walter
  • Buddy Giovinazzo’s short rarely-seen short, MR. ROBBIE, a.k.a. MANIAC 2, starring Spinell
  • Interview with Maniac director William Lustig
  • Original theatrical trailer and tv spots
  • Introduction by Lloyd Kaufman, President of Troma Entertainment and creator of the Toxic Avenger
  • Plus more Tromatic extras!

Please view the trailer here:


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11 Responses to “ DVD Announcement: The Last Horror Film ”

  1. I’m so excited for this!!! I rented another DVD version of this movie off Netflix but there weren’t any cool extras. Also, if anyone has the Maniac special edition VHS, you can see the footage from Mr. Robbie on there. From what I remember, it was nothing special. Just Joe Spinnell’s character working in a kitchen of some restaurant. If I recall, he’s dressed up in a clown costume as well. Am I right?

  2. Hey, that’s my quote from here at RS! I’m very excited about that!!!

    Thanks for the heads up, John!!! :)

  3. Amanda, did you get any $$$ for that?

  4. HA! HA! I wish. No, they just pull positive quotes off of reviews online and elsewhere. It’s just the excitement of being quoted… and it is exciting, I have ot admit!

  5. Congrats, Amanda!! ::wink::

  6. It’s only a shame Troma is putting it out as their transfers are usually pretty bad, but, at least it’s a nice spiffy new uncut edition.

    WTG Amanda!

  7. can’t wait to see this. “Maniac” is a great horror film. Joe Spinell was a true horror icon and Legend.

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