DVD Reminder: Evil Face (1974)


Hitting tomorrow on October 27th from Mya/Ryko is an old one you might not be familiar with – EVIL FACE (1974) starring the eternally disturbing Klaus Kinski.

Baron Ivan Rassimov, a brilliant doctor, died horribly during a fire burst in his laboratory. Since that day, his daughter Tanja (Katia Christine) retired to a life of reclusion, covering with a dark veil her disfigured face. Professor Nijinski (Klaus Kinski) was once a student of Rassimov; he married Tanja, and he’s trying to restore her lost beauty with a series of skin transplants. However, to reach his goal, professor Nijinski needs beautiful young victims for his transplant experiments.

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2 Responses to “ DVD Reminder: Evil Face (1974) ”

  1. There sure are a lot of re-imaginings of Les Yeux sans Visage. This one sounds kinda cool, but it’s the kind where I’ll wait for the reviews.

  2. Definitely picking this up. Thanks for the reminder! I LOVE Retro Slashers!

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