DVD Reminder: Happy Birthday To Me (1981)

Streeting October 13th comes the new HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME DVD from Anchor Bay, featuring the original theatrical score that was previously replaced for the Sony edition a few years back, plus restoring original cover elements.




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10 Responses to “ DVD Reminder: Happy Birthday To Me (1981) ”

  1. I saw a guy had a copy from WalMart up on Ebay so I went to my local WalMart a couple weeks ago and sure enough they had it in a $5 section of Halloween movies including Wolf Creek, Wrong Turn, TCM etc. So I canceled my pre-order on Amazon and picked it up. Great job Anchor Bay!

  2. I can confirm what John says–it’s at Wal-Mart right now for $5. They also had Prom Night II and the TCM steelbook for $5 each.

  3. I also picked up a copy from Wal-mart last week for $5. The score is restored but not the missing gore. Nice to see the HBtM trailer included.

  4. Sounds good im gonna pick it up soon

  5. THE original soundtrack makes such a big difference its so much better then the columbia release a few yrs back definitly worth double dipping get this version and hawk the old one you wont be dissapointed, its just straight up a way better film with the original soundtrack.

  6. I went to Walmart and they had all the ones people listed except HBTM darnit! Oh well, can’t wait! This is one of my all time favorites! The artwork and music are back and its finally done right for a whole new generation to enjoy!

  7. Considering how bare bones this release is, I won’t spend for than $5 at Walmart for it.

  8. I just picked it up at Wal-Mart. I got the 2003 remake of The Toolbox Murders, too. I have a question, though. On Amazon, they have the 2004 HBTM DVD’s running time at 110 minutes, but on the re-release, it’s 111 minutes. Is there a difference between the 2? I’m sure if it was uncut they’d be promoting the hell out of that.

  9. Hey, Dan…there’s no difference in the running time. Well, maybe a smidgen because of a blank spot before/after the movie, but it’s the same cut but with a different score. BTW, I actually got this 2 weeks early cuz my Wal-Mart put it out early… ;-) “I feel lucky, oh so lucky!”

  10. I just picked it up for 5 bones as well, along with Midnight Movie w/ the hologram cover for the same price!

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