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Review: Evilspeak DVD (1981)

By Lance Vaughan



Revenge fantasy in the vein of Carrie. What's a nerd to do if lamentably born without telekinetic powers to blast his foes away? Even back in 1981 the answer was to turn on your computer. This method is especially effective when Satan is on your budddy list. Clint Howard, (yea, Ron's bro, but in my universe Clint is king) stars in this gore drenched warning to all those who might towel-smack your ass in the locker room without proper invite. Although the premise is familiar, Evilspeak marches to it's own bizarre drum. For example: no woman in an eighties horror flick has the right to enter a shower naked and expect to exit all limbs intact. What she does have the right to reasonably assume, when showering, is that she is not going to be eaten alive by rampaging pigs. Toss in multiple beheadings, a squirming fetus in a jar, death by animated crucifix, pre-pong level computer graphics and Haywood (What's happening?) Nelson as "Kowalski" (?) and you've got yourself a rare bird indeed. Did I mention Richard Moll?


This baby is fully restored from vault sources and looks great. Due to the school environment this was never a colorful film, mostly beige and grey until the blood starts pouring. And pour it does, like any great revenge ride the fun really starts in the last quarter. This is the first time ever the film has been shown in it's entirety and the additional gore is worth the viewing alone. The mono sound is servicable and helped along by a score that mashes Omen like chanting with 80's synth.


The audio commentary with Writer, producer, Director Eric Weston and Clint Howard is an enjoyable listen. This was Weston's first movie and Howard is an old school workhorse so it's pretty telling that they both remember the shoot like it was yesterday. Clint says he still uses his scene with (puppy death spoiler!) Fred the puppy when he needs to get sad on camera. An extensive poster and still gallery that includes a japanese press-book, lobby cards and items from Clint's own collection truly satisfies. The trailer is one of my favorites as it accuses the audience: "Remember that kid you used to pick on in school?..."


To be honest, I would have preferred the more colorful and recognizable poster art on the cover. Sadly it wasn't inside either (I'm spoiled, I know) though two versions of it can be found in the poster still gallery. There is a nifty booklet inside with a 2 page testament to the wonders of Clint. He really is one of a kind and Evilspeak is one of the few times he's really gotten to carry the whole film. The menu screens are inspired. The main menu has flames engulf the screen as satanic images from the film float toward you. Meanwhile, those crazy chanters keep chanting in latin. Have it playing when unloved relatives come over. I myself have been listening to this maddening chant for hours, Loosely translated I think they are singing "avenge Fred the puppy's death." Something I was planning to do anyway.



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