Early Details On Code Red’s Madman DVD (Updated)


This week on Deadpit Radio, the legendary Paul Ehlers (Madman Marz himself) made a special announcement about an upcoming DVD re-release of the seminal 1982 slasher flick Madman. The bombastic axe-wielder told the Deadpit crew: “I found out from Gary Sales who was the owner and original producer of Madman that he had struck a deal with Code Red films to put out a new edition- a re-issue… So, we are going to be coming out with the original film on a re-issue DVD”. Ehlers goes on to say, “We are going to leave the original commentary track on the film…as far as other extras, we’ve decided to reach out to some of the fans of the film. What we’re thinking of doing is that through Deadpit.com, as a central hub for all this, we’re asking…if you (the fans) have a collection of anything to do with (the film) ‘Madman’…anything that you have that might be cool, please send over still photos or limited video of your collections to Deadpit.com. We’d love to take a look at it, and if we think it’s appropriate, we’d love to put it on the extras of the new release.”

That’s right folks, by sending photos or video of your Madman-related collections over to Deadpit Radio, you (or maybe just your stuff) could possibly wind up on a documentary for the upcoming re-release of the DVD! If you think you’ve got the goods, shoot us an email over at deadpit@gmail.com with your submissions. Good luck and beware the Madman Marz!

Update – CODE RED DVD is proud to announce the DVD re-release of the cult hit MADMAN! Once a holy grail for horror fans who didn’t buy the Anchor Bay release back in 2001, MADMAN is back! We have the same extras (commentary/trailers) from that earlier release, but this time it’s an anamorphic transfer, and there are some new on-camera interviews. The dvd will be a limited edition and once it’s gone, it’s gone. Don’t miss the opportunity to buy the film before it’s too late. More news to follow!

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39 Responses to “ Early Details On Code Red’s Madman DVD (Updated) ”

  1. Very good news, as Madman is one of the best slashers ever!

  2. I Totally Agree With You Lord-Infernus.
    Madman Is A Classic Slasher.
    2010 Is Going To Be Another Great Year For Classic Horror Release’s. I Got That Feeling

  3. Sweet. At upcoming horror movies, they announced that the Slumber Party Massacre is getting a rerelease with special features. Great news all around.

  4. All three Slumber Party Massacres I should say.

  5. Why another re-issue? The first was by all means plenty enough with the commentary track and all. I would say that the original commentary was quite entertaining and enjoyable.

  6. I’ve got the OOP Anchor Bay disc which has a pristine transfer, but unfortunately it is non-anamorphic. I’ll gladly double-dip if the new edition fixes this problem. Madman is a classic slasher that hits all the right beats, a perfect example of the genre. It has its cheesy charms to be sure, but it also boasts a spooky atmosphere and a killer who puts Cropsy to shame.

  7. YAY!

  8. Too bad it’s Code Red…which means this will never happen.

    I’m still waiting for that Nightmare dvd…and The Mutilator…and Zombie Nightmare…

  9. Hey Brian I’m Waiting For Nightmare As Well.
    It Should Hit Dvd This Year.

  10. i found the anchor bay version for only 6 bucks used but in mint condition, i was very happy to find it, its a great slasher and needs to be re-released along with visiting hours, bad dreams and mothers day which are all commanding ridiculous prices right now.
    p.s. to jamie dont forget mutilator haha and the visitor

  11. Hey Walter I Got The Mutilator The Vipco Edition.
    I’m Waiting For A Better Release Though.
    Its A Hidden Gem If You Ask Me.
    The Visitor I Have Never Seen, I Hope CURTAINS Hits Dvd This Year
    Special Edition Of Mother’s Day Would Be Awesome WIDESCREEN.

  12. For those who are asking “why a reissue” is because it is necessary for those who never had the chance to buy it the first time around.
    Theres obviously still a demand for it.

    I think the extras are added for those who already have the Anchor Bay DVD, to entice them to pick it up

    I lucked out a couple months ago and got the Anchor Bay DVD for $3 used, I was really happy. But I don’t think I’ll pick up the new one unless the extras are really worth it

  13. Sounds like the extras are only going to be still photos of fans collections. Not nearly enticing enough for me to double dip on this one.

  14. Jamie- I am SO with you! I hope CURTAINS is released most of all on DVD. They also need to release mutilator, killer party, night school, re-issue (better uncut edition) of dorm that dripped blood, the slayer and the prey! Cmon Code Red or Anchor Bay!!!

  15. Hey Rebi I Agree I Got All Of Those Except THE PREY
    Never Seen THE PREY Is It Any Good

  16. If you’re a slasher completist The Prey is worth your time. It’s not quite a classic (and it drags for the bulk of its running time), but it has enough memorable scenes to merit a watch if you enjoy movies like The Final Terror.

    Agreed on the DVD release wish list. I would buy Night School in an instant yet I can’t remember if it’s even been rumored for a release.

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  18. I am so happy.
    I’m lookin forward to this double-dip. :)

  19. Hey Jamie
    Even though theres another opinion
    ill give mine anyways.
    The Prey is yes, no classic- but if you just love heaps of slasher films like killer party, curtains and even the bad ones like splatter university- then you’ll love this! Its a great film! I sure loved it- and wished it was out on DVD! If you get the chance- get it on ioffer! =)

  20. I got the anchor bay release im happy with it, ok its code red, where is The mutilator, Nightmare in a damaged brain, and The visitor all films they announced they were releasing and didnt, im sure madman will be a little easier for them to get out there but come guys get those other out before someone else does if they have to be bare bones so be it, you have enough of a good line up that a few bare bones titles wont hurt

  21. I Just Read On ShocktillYoudrop That Synapse Films Is Releasing
    This Is Awesome News.

  22. Hey Walter Those CodeRed Titles Like THE MUTILATOR Etc.
    Might Hit Dvd This Year, On Codereds Website They Got No Horror Titles For A 2010 Release. So It Might Happen This Year

    P.S Thanks Rebi For THE PREY Tip

  23. WOW! AGREED! code red GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!! and Jamie where abouts did you see that news on uncut DORM? cause i cant find? do u have a link by any chance? That is REALLY exciting news for me- and also about the mutilator and the others! WOO HOO! I hope this year is the year for all those lost gems to be released on DVD! Thanks so much Jamie!
    ps- no worries, =) =)

  24. ACTUALLY its okay
    I found the link!!!! Oh my GOD!! THIS IS FRIGGIN THE BEST NEWS IVE HEARD IN AGES!!!! YAY!

  25. The Prey is amazing! Yes, it plods along, and has lots of stck nature footage, but so does Don’t Go In The Woods. The “uncut” version finally made it rounds on the interwebz last year, so it was nice to see it in it’s full version. Even though the lengthy flashback scene feels like another film entirely.

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  27. DARKNIGHT OF THE SCARECROW I Read Is Being Released On Dvd This Halloween. From VCI Entertainment More Great News
    Keep On Bringing Thoses Horror Classics

  28. I’ve got an old copy of Madman it’s fine, but a new one is always welcome. “Dark Night of the Scarecrow”, I’ve been after for years. That and “scarecrows” and a New Zealand film called “scarecrow”.
    Scarecrow films, killer clowns and dolls are the dogs bollocks!

  29. They should release American Nightmare on dvd!!!!! Ive been waiting for that forever! and re-release silent night deadly part 2!

  30. Christian Sellers is the bomb! by the way

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  32. Stop Fucking aroud with NEW releases CODE RED, and worry about the ones you announced2-4 years back, Like the Mutilator, and Nightmare (In a Damaged Brain). Who gives a fuck about a re-release of an anchor bay staple.

  33. I Just Read A Comment On IMDB From A Guy That Works For Codereddvd
    NIGHTMARE Will Be Released On Dvd This Year. Thats Awesome News If Its True.

    Hopefully These Horror Classics Will Hit Dvd As Well


  34. Jamie is on the ball. In addition, here are another batch of 5 that should hit the DVD world as well


    Hey! Let’s continue the game! ha ha

  35. Curtains and the Prey definitely need a release.
    Humongous is not a bad film, but let’s be honest the lighting is so poor you need heat sensors and Predator vision to actually see the action.
    2)The Prey
    3)Silent night Bloody Night Remastered.
    4)American Nightmare and everything else, really! There are bound to be gems no one has ever heard of . Hundreds of these films exist! I’m not convinced I’ve seen the best or the worst of them.
    5)Friday 13 3D in 3D would be good. It has everything you want from gratuitous yo-yo abuse to random pointing, and Jason’s arms springing out. It’s much more fun than modern 3D films!

  36. glenn, Friday the 13th Part III WAS released in 3D over a year ago by Paramount.

  37. Josh, aah, you’ve spotted the flaw in my argument. In my defence, I am an idiot and simply didn’t notice because it’s not a film I look up. I didn’t see the elephant in the room because I was trying to find a mouse.
    Also I’m a junk shop addict and sometimes you do find lesser known films cheap. You find a lot of them on VHS still and an occasional oddity on DVD. I recently found an interesting Australian film called Cassandra, which has a creepy kid, a nifty beheading and a good atmosphere.
    Thanks, for the the 3D pointer.

  38. There are region 2 copies of Curtains and Mortuary/Embalmed. As far as I know they don’t have extras and there aren’t that many. But I’ve ordered both.

  39. The Curtains DVD is ok, but looks like a VHS transfer and Mortuary turned out to be The Tobe Hooper film with misleading details.

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