Eli Roth Says 'No' To Hostel III

Eli Roth has stated that he has no intention of taking part in the proposed second sequel to his ‘torture porn’ classic Hostel, comparing it to the ill-advised straight-to-video flick Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever which had also followed in his footsteps. Talking earlier today about the movie, Roth insisted that this chapter of his life is over.

“The studio had made a lot of money with it so they want to keep going, and the fans, there’s demand for it, and great. If I started something and other people want to continue it, go for it. I’m just not involved in anyway,” says the director, who helmed Hostel back in 2005. “There’s no negativity about it. I just said, ‘I put everything in my life for three years into these movies. I’ve said everything I have to say with it.’”

Roth also said claimed that, despite the second film failing to achieve the success of the first, he still loves sequels and has no resentment about the series continuing without him. “I’m all for sequels, as long as it’s a well-made movie, I don’t care if it’s a sequel, a prequel, a remake or an original film. If it’s well-made film and it’s entertaining and I got my money’s worth, then I love it, I’m all for it.”

With his adaptation of Stephen King’s Cell now dead in the water, and his rumoured remake of The Funhouse uncertain, Roth’s next planned feature is $60m sci-fi flick Endangered Species. Whether or not Hostel producer Scott Spiegel (Intruder) will direct as had previously been hinted at remains to be seen, but either way Roth wants no part of it.


Source: STYD/Coming Soon

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14 Responses to “ Eli Roth Says 'No' To Hostel III ”

  1. Please make Thanskgiving!

  2. Agreed!

  3. There’s something super hot with that picture of him. Thanks for posting!

  4. He needs to do the Funhouse and Thanksgiving – nuff said.

  5. Never cared for the Hostel movies or Turista’s either. With failure of Captivity and the poor performance of Hostel 2 and Turista’s you would think that they would abandon the torture movies. Like I said I am not into the torture/porn thing at all. ALmost a bit to gruesome for me.

  6. I liked Cabin Fever a lot more than the Hostel’s and I see no need for another of either one. Especially Cabin Fever: Spring Break. Give me/us a break. I would however give thanks for Thanksgiving. Christian could you please pass the gravy:)

  7. I will Eli Roth a chance on anything. He seems to be really passionate about the genre, and I like his films.

  8. Never really understood where Torture Porn – the term – came from. I get it that there is torturing in the films, but there’s no pornography. I think with Saw 6 being the last of the franchise, movies like that will be done. I’ll be surprised if Hostel 3 actually happens without Roth’s involvement.

    Looking forward to Thanksgiving. I liked Cabin Fever. It was filmed right in my neck of the woods. I live a few minutes from the town square where the cast are talking to those kids with David Hess playing on the radio!

  9. ‘Never really understood where Torture Porn – the term – came from.’

    The comparison between this type of film and pornography relates to one aspect that both rely on – the money shot! Whilst torture porn is based around the nature of killing and causing pain, there is usually one specific moment which causes the film notoriety, such as the leg hacking in Saw, the eyeball moment in Hostel and so on. The critics that labelled this sub-genre as such were comparing that to the moment in pornography when the ‘victim’ (woman) receives her moment of notoriety (usually involving her face).

    Hope that helps clarify things a little, Burning Metal.


  10. “I’ve said everything I have to say with it.” – And what was that?

    No offense, but does anyone find a “message” in the Hostel movies?

  11. Why does a film have to have a message? Why can’t it just be entertainment? I doubt most filmmakers make a movie with some message in mind, yet people have to overanalyze them. Hostel, by Roth’s own admission, was about the arrogance of Americans whilst abroad and how other countries hate their attitude. As for a message, I don’t know or care if there is one, I just want to be entertained.

  12. I’m an American, damn proud of it, down to earth and I don’t think I’m better than anybody else. BUT there’s no denying that a large part of the people here are arrogrant assholes. To the point that Americans hate Americans. It’s a vicious cycle.

    The only message I got from Hostel is that torture can be FUN, FUN, FUN.lol. I don’t over analyze horror movies either and I agree Christian, I just want to be entertained.

    Torture Porn. I understand “the money shot” aspect but I find it to be a ridiculous term and more importantly way to many films are getting lumped into the catagory. To me films that really desevre the title is stuff like the “August Underground” films, “Murder-Set-Pieces Dir.Cut”, “Psycho: The Snuff Reels” and the like.

    I’m starting to rant so i’ll end with bring on the bloodshed:)

  13. I agree, Cathedral of Demoni, it is annoying how critics have to label and categorize everything but that way it stops them having to think for themselves. As for Roth’s comment on Americans, I did have a quote from him in a book that had a chapter on torture porn where he explained this, I’ll dig it out and post it as it’s always interesting to hear a filmmaker’s motivation for their story

  14. If Hostel III does happen, I think Scott Spiegel is a great choice for director.

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