Elm Street at Comic-Con


San Diego’s Comic-Con is the place to be for those wanting to get an early teaser of upcoming genre films. Clips from Platinum DunesFriday the 13th were screened last year, along with a Q&A from the cast and crew, further anticipating the movie and whetting the appetites of the fans.

And it looks like they are about to do it again this year with their latest re-boot, A Nightmare on Elm Street. Despite criticism over the script, which had made the rounds earlier this year (including here), the film itself has remained top secret, with the studio refusing to show images of actor Jackie Earle Haley as series icon Freddy Krueger.

But those attending the event this year will have the chance to get a taste of the nightmare, with Elm Street making an appearance on July 24, between 10:15 and 12:30. No word as yet as to what exactly will be shown or who will attend, but those unable to wait until next year’s April 16 release will at least get a teaser of what’s to come.

Other films set to appear include the 3D sequel The Final Destination, Richard Kelly’s The Box and Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes.

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3 Responses to “ Elm Street at Comic-Con ”

  1. I wouldn’t expect to see more than “The Glove” in a teaser trailer. Maybe “The Hat”.

  2. THEY SHOULD REMAKE STAR WARS THAT OUGHTA MAKE PEOPLE SEE WHY REMAKES SUCK. i really dont see how this can be any good without robert englund i have no desire to see this, why would anybody wanna see this?

  3. DIdn’t they already remake Star Wars? Except they called it “Walters Brain”?

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