Elm Street Shoot Ends – Backlash Begins

Remember Platinum Dunes, Michael Bay’s remake machine that gave us their ‘re-imagining’ of Friday the 13th earlier this year?  Well, their latest venture, A Nightmare on Elm Street, has now officially wrapped production and is set to make its way to the editing room.

Aside from Rob Zombie’s upcoming Halloween II, NOES is possible one of the most criticised slashers to come out in years, with fans eager to tear the movie to pieces before it has even been released. PD have hardly been generous with their publicity, still refusing to give us a glimpse of their new Freddy Krueger (played by Maniac Cop 3’s Jackie Earle Haley).

“We did it all for Freddy. To realize our dream of bringing him back… the way we remember him. Scary, mean and nasty. Now I know it will be hotly debated here, but I can tell you I am proud of what we did,” states producer Brad Fuller, who has been keeping the fans updated via Twitter and his official blog.

Even the most die-hard fans cannot deny that most Elm Street movies are a little camp and far from scary. This transition seemed to take place midway through the third movie and, thanks to TV shows and music videos, there was no going back. “You will surely recognize Freddy, but he is distinctively different, more real, and more burned. Jackie and Clement spent four hours a day painstaking applying all the make-up, appliances, texture before coming to shoot,” Fuller continues, claiming that they intend to return the character back to his darker roots.

Promising to repeat a similar tease for fans as they did last year with Jason Voorhees, Fuller added, “A couple other things. Pay attention to Comic Con, we will have a couple of surprises for you there. If everything goes as planned we will reveal something special there.”

A Nightmare on Elm Street is due for release next April. Now time for the backlash…

Elm Street

Source: Brad Fuller’s blog

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6 Responses to “ Elm Street Shoot Ends – Backlash Begins ”

  1. Pd doesn’t have the best track record but I reserve judgement until I have seen the finished film

  2. please why… remakes need to end

  3. i cannnot wait.

  4. If ive said it once ive said it a thousand times, if people would stop paying to see these remakes, they would stop making these remakes. Personaly i cant wait to see this as i have thought all the recent remakes were pretty decent :)

  5. I think it’s about time that there was an up to date elm st and now we get to see what made freddy the psycho he is i for one cant wait till it comes our

  6. Oddly enough this is one remake I look forward too.PD seems stick with the idea of giving these a gritty Chainsaw feel that I think will work good for Nightmare. Hopefully they keep Freddy cruel and serious with no one liner bullshit. The trailer looks very interesting.

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