Etcetera Happenings At Code Red

It was nice to come back from a little Retro Slashers holiday to discover Code Red have finally brought their website into the 21st century. Maybe that’s not breaking news, but it’s the first I’ve seen of it in an updated, fully-functioning condition, at least. The new site has catalogue listings of their DVDs, future releases and a handy Out Of Print list for collectors.

The company is continuing their commitment to retro horror, one of the promising future releases being The Witchmaker (1969), but slasher fans are of course hanging out for July 5th’s release of Nightmare. And it turns out Rituals actually is available now. Seems things are moving smoothly.

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3 Responses to “ Etcetera Happenings At Code Red ”

  1. Nice, I really want the Unknown Comic DVD… No, I’m not joking!

  2. I fear Rituals will go OOP before it becomes available via amazon.

  3. Im so happy shit is going smoothly, ive had my rituals copy since it was released and im looking forward to more..

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