EXCLUSIVE: Code Red DVD To Release Ghostkeeper

Due to overwhelming demand from horror fans, Code Red has acquired the 1981 Canadian slasher film Ghostkeeper.

A trio of friends on a snowmobile trip in the Canadian Rockies become lost after venturing up a trail during a bad snowstorm. They stumble upon a seemingly abandoned hotel lodge and decide to spend the night, unaware of the grave danger that they have put themselves in.

Internet columnist Amanda By Night says, “this Canadian horror film is slasher and monster lite, but has oodles of snow and deep synthesizer sounds to keep you going. Like ‘Madman’, or more appropriately, ‘The Prey’.”

Director Jim Makichuk is on hand to create extras for this lost slasher.

Street date TBA.

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12 Responses to “ EXCLUSIVE: Code Red DVD To Release Ghostkeeper ”

  1. Cool! Been perusing ebay for a few months now looking at VHS copies of this, but will save my money for the DVD release.

    More Code Red news please! Esp. any news on their release of the “bigfoot goes apeshit” nastie Night of the Demon!!!

    Would love to see DVD releases of Humongous and The Prey too… and a decent quality release of The Final Terror. The reviews I’ve read about the DVD release of that film are less than encouraging!

  2. sweet this awesome

  3. Wow This Is Awesome News Thanks Codered GHOSTKEEPER Looks Like A Great Canadian Slasher. Hopefully Codered Can Aquire The 1983 Canadian Slasher CURTAINS This Needs A Proper Dvd Release Anamorhic Widescreen From The Original 35MM Negatives With Great Extras. If This Hit Dvd This Year I Could Care Less What Other Horror Releases Come Out.

  4. This is an atmospheric gem and a personal favorite. My jaw hit the floor when I read of this forthcoming release. Code Red continues to amaze with new acquisitions.

  5. yeah i have the dvd of The Final Terror and it is bad, sub vhs in my opinion. very dark, cant really make out a lot and very bare bones

  6. Whoah! I didn’t expect this. Looks like Code Red made a comeback!

  7. cool also rituals looks like it is back on track with a april 5th dvd release date hopefully it sticks

  8. Oh hell yes.

  9. any news on rituals dvd coming april 5th yet?

  10. @Jamie – yeah, would also love to see a proper DVD release of ‘Curtains’ – no VHS transfers!

    Being an impatient sort, I don’t think I can hold out and wait for the Code Red release of ‘Rituals’, particularly since it’s been in the pipeline for some time now.

    Anyone know anything about the Italian DVD release and the German one entitled ‘Das Ritual’? Am probably going to buy one of those releases to tide me over until the R1 DVD comes out (if indeed it ever does!).

  11. Dark Pope,
    I’ve seen copies of Rituals going out under the title The Creeper at Amazon. But there’s no real detail, so I suspect they are video transfers.

  12. Dark Pope, I realise you’ve probably already bought the CR DVD of “Rituals” by now, but the Italian DVD, don’t bother. Horrible transfer and by rights back in its heyday a good VHS copy would have been an improvement on that DVD.

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