EXCLUSIVE: Code Red Signs A Deal With VCX To Release Their Catalog Titles

More longed-for rarities and hidden treasures are on the way to DVD next year! Code Red has inked an exclusive deal with VCX to release their back catalog titles of horror films. Here is the official press release, exclusive to Retro Slashers.

VCX has opened the vault to give us several classics, like the demonic gory-torture film MARDI GRAS MASSACRE, the Bigfoot run rampant classic NIGHT OF THE DEMON (1980), and the 1978 occult classic HAUNTED starring Aldo Ray!!

David Sutton, President of VCX says, “I look forward to Code Red releasing some of our non-adult films back into the marketplace for all the fans to enjoy them once again.”

We at Code Red are very excitied about this business venture with VCX and hope to release these films before September 2011!  More details will follow.

Want more Code Red? Check out our newly-added master list of past titles.

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15 Responses to “ EXCLUSIVE: Code Red Signs A Deal With VCX To Release Their Catalog Titles ”

  1. Wow. I guess Code Red is staying in business after all (thankfully). Night of the Demon is totally insane and I can’t for this release. Mardi Gras Massacre is a bizarre and rarely-seen gore film, along the lines of H.G. Lewis. It’s a little slow but it definitely is deserving of a wider audience. I’ve never heard of Haunted but it looks like delicious vintage trash.

    If all these recently announced slasher rarities actually make it to market 2011 is going to be a stellar year for DVD horror.

  2. This is awesome news!!!!

  3. very cool!!! i love code red, glad there still gonna be around, hopefully

  4. That’s cool. But am I wrong in thinking that Final Exam was a Code Red release? It was really brief, but I could have swore Code Red put it out.

  5. i dont think they did put it out. i have it, let me look…… got it, it was DEIMOS ENT

  6. Great. Another offering of binge and purge. I’m really excited about these releases… that is, if they ever get an actual release and this isn’t just another empty promise.

  7. VCX don;t fu*k around. They will mail whatever have on these three films. Don’t know what empty promise you are talking about? NIGHTMARE is coming out, and $29,000 budgeted THE VISITOR came out and sold less than 875 copies. I am the one that got the empty promise on THE VISITOR with many people on message board telling they will buy it.

  8. Maybe he’s talking about Night Warning. Haven’t heard about that title in a while.
    As for The Visitor, it has only been out a month. I still need and want to order it so count one in waiting for a January amazon order.

  9. Final Exam was released by Code Red. I own it. It came and fast as it went. The same with Savage Street.

  10. That’s not true. Final Exam was released by Deimos, not Code Red.

  11. exactly i own the film, it was released by deimos

  12. yes! finally! an official Night of the Demon release!

  13. well i am one of the 875 people who bought the visitor and enjoyed it immensely night of the demon and nightmare are the next 2 code red titles i will be getting

  14. rituals dvd release date is apr 5th

  15. I have the visitor so make that 876

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