EXCLUSIVE: Code Red’s Nightmare 2-Disc Set Finally

Code Red received quite a bashing from the genre DVD community for taking their own sweet time assembling a special edition of Nightmare (1981). Romano Scavolini’s film is a virtual camera lens inside the mind of a sweaty, mouth-foaming psychotic, and required special handling to bring this 2-Disc DVD to fruition. July 5th will see the sleazy slasher finally released onto the streets. Take a squiz at the details Code Red exclusively shared with Retro Slashers.

Audio commentary by Baird Stafford, special effect Cleve Hall, moderated by David DeCoteau

NIGHTMARE featurette contains Baird Stafford, Cleve Hall, and 21st century president Tom Ward

Mondo public service annoucement Interview with Romano Scavolini (in Italian)

HiDef telecine from 2 best 35mm prints

2011 telecine from a recently discovered much better 35mm print

Code Red also tell us it’s possible more material could make it onto any remaining bit-space available on the disc/s. Further details will be posted as they become available to us.

Browse our past coverage of the movie (also known as Nightmare In A Damaged Brain in the UK) including the infamous Tom Savini controversy here: Nightmare (Retro Slashers)

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17 Responses to “ EXCLUSIVE: Code Red’s Nightmare 2-Disc Set Finally ”

  1. Yay! It’s great to see this much-awaited release hitting the streets. Now if only Code Red’s “Rituals” could see the light of day.

  2. Oh my God.. If this date is set in stone, I could cry right now. Goodbye VHS rip! Now let’s see a legimate Mutilator release.

  3. Hopefully this will shut up those fans who have bitched about Code Red for not releasing this movie. Looks like it’s up to their usual standard so I’ll definitely be upgrading.

  4. It’s good to see it out with the extras and I can now get rid of the umpteen terrible copies I’ve got.

  5. Awesome news! I’m marking my calender & saving my quarters.

  6. I can get rid of the bootleg dvd and make room for the real thing. The best news of the day……

  7. Hopefully this will now shut up the vocal, annoying minority who have took their clamour for this long awaited title to the irritating extreme by bombarding every single post on the Code Red Blog with endless spam about the status of Nightmare and pelting the label with undue, harsh criticism.

    At any rate it’s great to see this film getting what looks on paper to be the kind of release it deserves, even if we have had to wait awhile.

  8. Awesome! =D

  9. I wonder if this edition will have all the gore and extended dialogue. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  10. First day buyer! :)

  11. This is an apri fools day joke! Duh!

  12. Posted March 31, 2011


  14. FINALLY! now i can throw away that bootleg i have so i can put the real thing on my shelf, i SOOOOO hope i can do the same for 555

  15. I don’t think that Code Red or Retro Slashers would pull an April Fool’s Day joke like this.
    This is great news!

  16. Note how this [ahem] disc specification makes no mention at all of the issue of Code Red’s insistance that the film was shot in fullscreen [utter rubbish] and will be disked as such, when even Romano Scavolini freely admits to anyone that it was shot for and always intended for 1.85:1 presentation…

  17. PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE be for real this time! My old VHS is warped and unwatchable!

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