Exclusive Interview with Sorority Row (2009) Actor Matt Lanter


Following on from our exclusive interview with co-writer Josh Stolberg, Retro Slashers continues the Sorority Row coverage with actor Matt Lanter, whose work on such hit shows as Heroes and 90210 looks set to develop into a successful movie career.In the role of Kyle, the twenty six year old has the unpleasant task of starring alongside a cast of hot young women.

Read on for more details of this summer’s slasher…

Is Sorority Row your first venture into the horror genre and had you intentionally sought out this type of project or are you not normally a fan of horror?
Sorority Row is my first project in the horror genre. I never really grew up watching horror, so I have to be in the right mood to watch it. I’m usually not a fan of cheap scares but more of a clever, thriller type of flick. That being said, making a horror film is a whole other ballgame. It’s a blast! We had a ton of fun on Sorority Row and seeing the behind-the-scenes effects to all the blood and gore is pretty fascinating.”

What character do you portray and how does he fit into the story? How would you describe him and how did you prepare yourself for the role?
“This is where I have to be careful what I say! Haha. I play Kyle, the son of a wealthy senator. My family is power hungry so naturally I’m dating the sorority president and resident queen bee, Jessica. They are kind of like a power couple in the sense that they both will do what it takes to get ahead.”

sorority_rowHow would you compare working on a project such as Sorority Row to the television shows you have appeared in? Was this a challenging role for you and in which ways do you feel it has helped you grow as an actor?
“The tone is different. The tone on a horror movie is obviously very dark, so in some ways you have to balance that out by being fun and goofy on set, otherwise you might end up depressed or just nuts. The set is also literally very dark so it’s a bit odd to go to work every day in mostly dark, smoky places.

This was a fun role for me. I got to do some great stuff in the script and overall had a good time with the character. I think every role can help you grow as an actor and there is always something to be learned from playing a certain part.”

Have you been a fan of many of the recent horror remakes and how does this one differ to all of the others?
“I am a fan of the Scream franchise, and I feel like it differs some from typical horror movies. There is a certain fun factor to those movies that I feel a lot of horror is lacking. That’s the great thing about our film, it has that quality. It’s a bit tongue in cheeky and almost makes fun of itself, but in a good way.”

Would you say that this was an enjoyable experience and how would you describe the atmosphere on set? Was this a relatively straightforward shoot or were there many obstacles for the cast and crew to overcome?
“It was definitely a great experience. The girls were awesome and Stewart, our director was a pleasure to work with. There was plenty of laughing and goofing off. Other than shooting in an old abandon meatpacking plant in Pittsburgh in the middle of the winter with a ceiling caving in….it was pretty straight forward! Seriously, that place would be a great setting for its own horror movie!”

How violent and gory would you say this movie will be and what would you this offers that other recent slasher films have not?
“I’d say rather violent. Considering we have the “R” rating, you know your in for a treat of you like that kind of stuff. When I was reading the script I was laughing to myself at how brilliant some of the kills were.”

Was this a physically demanding role for you and did you receive any injuries whilst on set? Were you subjected to much fake blood during the shoot and would you describe horror as a fun type of film to make?
“A little bit. I don’t think this is giving anything away, but it’s a horror film and I think we all know that everyone is potentially killing or being killed, so there is physical struggle and stunts that go into that. No major injuries and yes, there will be blood. Haha, again… horror movie= bloody scenes.”

Matt LanterDid you enjoy working with a predominantly female cast and was there anyone who you were attracted to?
“Uhhhh, yes. Have you seen some of the screen caps or shots of these girls?”

Would you say that this film lends itself to a sequel if it is a hit with the fans and, if the script allows, would you be willing to return?
“I could see that happening if it goes well. Is this a trick question? Ok, I’ll choose my words carefully… If they were to approach me about a sequel, I’d be down for it!”

What other projects do you have lined up for the future and do you have any plans to once again work in the horror genre?
“Right now I’m locked into 90210 as a series regular, so I most likely won’t be doing anything else until next year when the show goes on hiatus. I just wrapped on a psychological thriller called The Roommate which should be out next year. I also voice Anakin Skywalker for the Star Wars Clone Wars television series on Cartoon Network which is an ongoing project for several more years possibly, so that will also be keeping me busy for a while. I’d love to work in horror again. If it’s a good script, I would entertain the idea!”

Josh Stolberg
Margo Harshman

– Matt Lanter images: Mellowtown.com

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  1. Matt Lanter is a cutie, and he seems like a great guy, but:

    “That’s the great thing about our film, it has that quality. It’s a bit tongue in cheeky and almost makes fun of itself, but in a good way.”

    That’s not exactly promising. To me, it implies that the movie is more polished and self-referential than frightening and brutal. But I’ll still give it a chance…

  2. I love this guy and can’t wait to see this movie. I wish he had a bigger role. I can totally see him as the lead in a horror flick like H2.

  3. There’s rumors that he might be the….

  4. Yikes. I’m not into horros really. They creep me out and I like my sleep :p
    I prefer mind twisting, well thought out thrillers…Maaaatt, what are you doing to me. You’re gonna make me watch this…. :/

  5. I’m really sick of these horror films with the perfectly manicured not a hair out of place casts.It’s so fake that it hardly becomes enjoyable. Not looking forward to this one at all. Even with an R rating.

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