Exclusive Interview With Wrong Turn 3 Star Janet Montgomery


With starring roles in such promising horror flicks as The Hills Run Red and Wrong Turn 3, English beauty Janet Montgomery has the makings of a 21st century scream queen. Retro Slashers finds out more...

How did you first enter the film industry and how would you compare your previous work to your recent horror projects?
“I trained as a dancer and when I left I decided to produce my own play. This then exposed me to Dallas Smith in the UK who represents Kate Winslet and Sienna Miller. He then pushed me for film work and I was lucky enough to book two horror movies!”

Which came first – The Hills Run Red or Wrong Turn 3? How do you feel your career changed when you became involved in these films?
?“I did The Hills Run Red first but less than four weeks after wrapping I was shooting Wrong Turn 3.”

Were you a fan of horror growing up and were you aware of the status that some ‘final girls’ have when you were offered the roles in these two films?
“I had never watched any horror movies before working on them – I am too much of a scaredy cat!”

Had you already seen the previous Wrong Turn films prior to your involvement with the third feature and what convinced you to star in the third entry in a franchise? What was it about the concept that intrigued you the most?
“It did cross my mind to watch them when I was offered the role but I decided not to as I didn’t want to rip the first to off. I wanted this one to be different.”

How did you prepare for your role and what kind of training were you put through due to the physical demands of the shoot?
“I was going to the gym everyday as there was so much running through the forest.”

headshothairupsmallsizeWhat is the story this time around and how does it relate to the two previous films?
“I don’t want to give too much away but the fans will be happy to know the mutants are back and there are lots of new eventful killings.”

What part does Fonda play in the movie and how does she interact with the prisoners who are also forced to fight against Three Finger?
“She is forced into following the prisoners to escape out of the forest. I think she is extremely lucky that she found them though!”

The second film had some significant standout moments, such as the opening murder and Mara’s arrow-through-the-eye shocker. Did you feel like the filmmakers had to up the ante and are there plenty of memorable set pieces this time around?
“I think whenever there is a sequel to a popular franchise it is important to top what has been previously done.”

Prior to its release, Wrong Turn 2: Dead End was heavily criticized for being a straight-to-video sequel, but fans changed their minds when they eventually saw it. How have you found websites and magazines have treated this film so far and are you nervous about whether or not it will receive the same kind of attention as the previous films?
“I find horror fans to be the most passionate. They really care about the films so therefore it makes my job more rewarding.”

For either film, were you subjected to much fake blood or prosthetics, and were there any stunts that you performed yourself?
“I did 98% of the stunts myself. I like to do whatever the producers will let me! I enjoy the fight sequences and danger….

There was a lot of blood and prosthetics! Shooting in the cold in the middle of the night with a fuck load of fake blood on you is not enjoyable!”

How were the atmospheres on each set, as horror films are often enjoyable experiences for actors as they are less demanding than, say, dramas and the special effects seem to make the process more lighthearted. Would you agree with this and were there any major difficulties during the shoot?
“I would say shooting all nights and putting your body through such strain with screaming and running is demanding. It is not easy. Anyone who says it is has never made a horror movie. I was out of my comfort zone. There are a lot of emotions in these movies.”

picture1If this film proves to be as successful as the last film, would you consider returning for Wrong Turn 4?
“I think it would need to be an all new cast for it to work. Like it has previously been done. And how do you know I survive???”

What projects do you have lined up for the foreseeable future and would you consider returning to the horror genre more frequently?
“I would be really interested in doing a thriller. Horror is what introduced me to the film industry so I would always want to continue making these genre movies. I have a few things in the pipeline so watch this space…”

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  1. Good score, Christian! As a big fan of slashers like JUST BEFORE DAWN, I can’t wait for the third entry!

  2. Can’t wait! Loved the first two so bring on the third!

  3. Great Interview She Looks Like A Great “Final Girl”
    I Cant Wait For The Hills Run Red And Wrong Turn 3!!

  4. The banner pic of her makes her look a lot like Eliza Dushku from the first one…

  5. I kinda like her already. :)

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