Exclusive: Last Minute Addition To Nightmare DVD

So much has been said about the involvement (or non-involvement) of Tom Savini on Nightmare that often others with definitive special FX contributions to the film are overlooked. Code Red are looking to change that with this late breaking extra for their Nightmare 2-disc set.

“Special effects make-up artist Edward French, Oscar Nominee and Emmy Winner, quickly gave CODE RED a last minute interview regarding the New York gore scene in NIGHTMARE!

French told us about his involvement in the effects, including who made the decapitated head, and who supervised it and who was there. Cleve Hall did the Florida scenes, but now we’ll all finally know who did the bloody final scene!

French also gave us some other wonderful stories regarding RIOT ON 42nd STREET, BLOOD RAGE, BREEDERS and DEADTIME STORIES. The insightful interview will hopefully be edited on time and be featured on the dvd!”

French was also responsible for the gruesome special effects in Sleepaway Camp (1983).

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3 Responses to “ Exclusive: Last Minute Addition To Nightmare DVD ”

  1. I like Ed French, I interviewed him again for an article on special effects. Nice guy. Looking forward to seeing what Code Red have done with this release. If it’s anywhere near as good as their Don’t Go in the Woods then I’ll be happy. And 2-discs sounds promising.

  2. He was removed from Creepshow 2. Greg Nicotero told a story aboot this on the Anchor Bay DVD documentary, but I can’t remember all of the details.

    Another thing aboot French, I hate his salad dressing.

  3. Glad to see CR have updated their website to show fullscreen AND widescreen – my scratchy old 1.85:1 direct celluloid to CDR transfer from Kunst in Germany from many years back is quite correct in that ratio.

    Just a shame the date has ALREADY slipped from 5th July to 26th July. If this latest extra is the cause then fair play [I thought we all knew Savini was just the technical advisor, not the actual FX artist] BUT I hope the date doesn’t slip further. I’d like this to be a birthday treat for July 2011 not 2012!

    PS – Amazon are listing this as BCI Eclipse[now defunct dist co] not CR.

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