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Fangoria got some exclusive pics of what FX maestro Gary Tunnicliffe would do if he got the chance to encore on the revamped Pinhead makeup for the upcoming reboot of Hellraiser (to be helmed by The Martyrs director Pascal Laugier).

While it’s definitely an interesting article, I have to say I don’t like his take at all….but that’s just me.

Head over to Fango & judge for yourself!

Well, after these pics started going around, some confusion began to set in regarding the fact that they represented what Tunnicliffe WOULD do if he redesigned Pinhead…not what IS being done in the much anticipated reboot.

To clarify, director Pascal Laugier contacted Brad Miska, overlord of Bloody Disgusting, and had this to say:

Hello Brad,

I’m more or less forced to write you this message since the supposedly new Pinead photos are confusing people…

The stills of the new Pinhead you published on your site a few days ago have NOTHING TO DO with the official HELLRAISER reboot project I’m preparing.

I know you already made it clear in your article but you know how internet works : these photos being published in various sites without any details or explanation, a lot of fans seem to think that the new Pinhead will look like that. My answer is : NO HE WON’T.

This version of Pinhead came from the vision of Gary J. Tunnicliffe and not mine or my producer’s. I never met Gary and although I respect him a lot, I want to be very clear about the fact that my vision of the character will be TOTALLY different.

The new look of Pinhead is a VERY imortant matter to all of us.

Pascal Laugier

….There you go. I, personally, am relieved.

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  1. Amazing. Gary is a good bloke, one of the true blues in this business. I like his take a lot, even though he concedes it’s not his ideal take, simply how he’d do the brief the producers seem to want from this redux.

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