Fatal Frames: Is For Fascination – The Gallery

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5 Responses to “ Fatal Frames: Is For Fascination – The Gallery ”

  1. Fatal Frames is one of my favorites! My boyfriend and I love Stefania Stella…I actually bought the soundtrack! Can you understand half of what she’s singing?! LOL

  2. She looks like a baboon mated with La Toya Jackson. Fatal Frames is hilarious. It’s horrible, but holy wow you can’t stop yourself from watching.

  3. Tony! I have the soundtrack too! It’s where I got my byline for this gallery. I swear in Eternal City she sings “ees for fascination,” but of course I also think she says “the world’s an angry purple,” so what do I know? Actually, it’s a pretty decent song, regardless of the questionable lyrics.

    Tuzo, I love Stefania. I just do. And I agree, you can’t peel your eyes away from all that is “fatally framed”!

    Thanks for the comments you guys!

  4. OMG, I thought she said something was saying something was “an angry purple” too! lol Also, I interpreted these lyrics – “It did not seeeee your bloood, with your cobweb burning angels…like my knees are whorey…my heart…” hahahaha

  5. lol, Tony… I have not reason to believe you are incorrect!

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