Figures of Evil – Slasher Merchandise

Most fans get into slasher films from a young age, and it was no surprise that studios and toy companies have exploited this over the last twenty-five years with countless attempts at shameless merchandise. I don’t know about you, but I’m a sucker for it.

The great thing is, as you get older you stop calling them toys and instead say that they are ‘figures.’ Sounds so much more respectable and acceptable, doesn’t it?

Here’s a selection of figures from the various franchises…

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7 Responses to “ Figures of Evil – Slasher Merchandise ”

  1. There’s a really cool Michael Myers/Dr Loomis double pack that I love.
    I have a soft toy Jason that sits at the end of my bed!

  2. A little ashamed to admit that I have more then half of these.

  3. Shame is not an option when it comes to horror swag.

    I’m in my mid 40’s and while I only have several of these I have Dr. Satan, a Cannial Holocaust chick on the stick, Pinhead, a couple Dawn of the Zombies, Countess Bathory, Jack the Ripper, Frankensteins, Radu etc.

    I could go on but I think you get the point. Your never to old for horror sawg.

  4. i wish i can find a place that sells these i spancer is where i get all of mine and once and a while blockbuster has some…i got halloween when M.M. has the sheet..and i got all the dolls from the puppet master..i love horror toys

  5. Now Robert Englund has finally made it for having a figurine of him :P

  6. @ Zack. You should never be ashamed about a pasionate hobby. I have more than 200 horror/action figures. Movie Maniacs, Cult Classics, Now Playing, Cinema of Fear.
    Then there is my Masters of the Universe collection, consisting of a complete vintage collection, the 2002-line and the recent classics.
    To continue, there’s a massive Lego Star Wars collection.

    Although I don’t play with them, I’m very proud of my collections. Whenever a new friend comes into my place and sees the toy-room, they simply love it.

  7. i absolutelly love the cinema of fear figures! i already have 3 of jason voorhees the final chapter

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