First Image of the New Freddy Krueger

I will remain sceptical until its release next April, but the first image of the all-new Freddy Krueger has just made its way onto the net. Jackie Earle Haley controversially took over the role from Robert Englund, who had portrayed the character in all eight of the previous movies, as well as a television spin-off.

The image arrived courtesy of MySpace, although much of Haley’s features are obscured by shadow. Personally, after reading the script and seeing the previous efforts from Platinum Dunes, I won’t hold my breath for anything special, but this image certainly seems to be keeping with the classic look.

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16 Responses to “ First Image of the New Freddy Krueger ”

  1. I like it and I saw a brighter pic and you can really tell this is a new Freddy.

  2. I wouldn’t want to be the one to tackle this remake. Some might like it, but it will have to be ridiculously good to get praise from a large percentage of Freddy Fans.

  3. Only time will tell and I’m not real excited about this but it could be good. I just hope they keep it serious and make it gritty and mean.

    I hope to see a reimaging not just a remake so I’m glad Englund didn’t take this and it went to a new Freddy. There is a lot that could done with this one to make it truly scary. I jusy hope it doesn’t turn into a CG, shaky camera, blitzkrieg editing nightmare. No pun intended.

    This is another case where i grew up with the series and always held part 1 way above the others, in fact I only like 3 and New Nightmare. The others just got ridiclous and way to comical for me. Well see, I’m not one to judge without seeing it and will likely avoid trailers etc.filled with spoilers. I don’t like knowing what’s going to happen but that’s just me.

  4. My favourite is actually part 2, followed by the original. The first two thirds of Part 3 is good but then it becomes dumb and cheesy, and the series never recovered

  5. I’m on the same page as Christian. Part 2 is my favorite because it’s the darkest and has the best score/plot. Though I love the original. Part 3 was great up until the bad effects skeleton and the floating sparkly Daddy Thompson. I like Part 4 is a fun ‘crap-acted’ stylish entry, which sadly, is the last time we see anything decent from the series. :(

  6. this is a mistake..To this day the original nightmare on elm street is still a awsome classic that still entertains to this day! It is so classic it should not be touched and this new one will need to be 3 times better to beat that. Even with awsome cgi animation in movies today..the story and characters suck…Hint (transformers 2)! but if you are gonna keep ruining these classic horror movies you might as well write remakes for other classics and ruin them such as gone with the wind, the sound of music!!! like i said the original is awsome by itself!! not to mention the new friday the 13th sucked as well!! as the famous kane hodder said..jason doesnt run he walks.These crappy remakes have to stop!!!!!!only one i give credit to is rob zombie with halloween!

  7. I also grew up watching the NOES series. I think NOES Part 2 was the first horror movie I ever watched. It’s a tie between the first three movies for my favorite, though. The first two are truly scary, and part 3 is scary/funny, which elevates it to almost the same status as the first two. I think I watched The Dream Master more than any of the others when I was a kid, but to this day it’s one of the ones I dislike the most. Except for The Dream Child, which is the absolute worst. You couldn’t force me to watch that again.

    I’m sick of remakes, and can’t wait for the day when someone comes up with an original idea for a horror movie. The few times that happens, it ends up going straight-to-DVD or is released in two theaters (i.e. Midnight Meat Train), so nobody sees it. This is why I watch the classics from the ’80s, when horror was still scary.

    That said, Platinum Dunes doesn’t make the worst remakes. F13th could’ve been much worse than it was. I really hope they actually show blood in this one, though, istead of wall-to-wall boobs like in the F13th remake.

  8. Chuck, Kane Hodder was also in the worst four Friday the 13th movies. ;) Remember when Jason was scary? It was when he ran, when he was human. To see a bulky guy walking after someone, and the person falls down over and over, only to have him appear out of no-where to kill them, is not scary. Nothing can top Ted White in The Final Chapter.

  9. I have one question…what in the world is wrong with wall to wall boobs? I personally see no problem with it. ;)

  10. looks like a burnt alien i saw a clear pic and it looks terrible i will not be seeing this crap remakes suck bottom line.

  11. lookin forward to the new elm street been into freddy since i was about 4 he kept me awake many nights thinkin he would enter my dreams haha but the character did get to cheesy towards the l8er films so im glad theyre making him more serious freddy vs jason sucks dick

  12. There’s a fan-made trailer with what appears to be a Freddy ON FIRE…which would make more sense. I never thought the series was scary, but scary-ing up Freddy a bit…like bits of fire escaping from him…that’d be great.

  13. i saw a trailor for the movie and i mean damn did they even bother to try and find someone that looked like the old freddy or atleast sounded like him kinda pisses me off
    but im sure it will be a good movie

  14. I seen the new Freddy and its fu*king trash, its a wast of money and the actor sucks. (New Freddy) find a new job! cause this film is garbage.

  15. The new Freddy looks freaky and fresh, The only thing I never liked about the make-up is that he looks like a goat.

    Non the less, the remake was okay. Relies on the jump scares more than the gore, but then again, Freddy was never the “gory” killer with them butter knives.

  16. The new freddy looks like a monkey.
    Bring the OLD ONE BACK!

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