First Screening Of Dario Argento's Giallo


Like a broken record, every new film from Italian Maestro Dario Argento is unrealistically built up by his fans and then torn down when the movie materializes. Let’s face it cats, no film from the guy, not THE THIRD MOTHER and certainly not his upcoming GIALLO starring Adrian Brody, will be the Second Coming Of Vintage Argento. Time travel does not exist. Therefore, I repeatedly chant to myself: “He is keeping Gialli alive, He is keeping Gialli alive”.

The Edinburgh International Film Festival presented a tease of its upcoming slate today. It was revealed Dario Argento’s latest, Giallo, will be making its world premiere under the event’s “Night Moves” program. Other titles in this category can be found here. A full fest schedule launches on May 6th. The event runs from June 17th – 28th.

Giallo teams Argento with another pair of American screenwriters – Sean Keller and Jim Agnew – for this throwback to his early works. Adrien Brody and Emmanuelle Seigner star as a detective and a woman looking for her sister who was kidnapped by a killer nicknamed “Yellow.”

Source: STYD


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