First Talk: Charles Band On Puppet Master 3D


There was recently a rumor floating around that Full Moon’s Charles Band wanted to remake his original PUPPET MASTER (1989), but with no quote or source attributed it would have been a thin story to go on. But now we have verbal confirmation from the man himself, that it’s at least a valid project in the planning stages:

It’s my project and, you know, that’s something I have no control over. It’s out there and there’s a lot of interest and this would be, I’m going to call it a remake maybe. It’s a reinvention of the franchise, but it’s going to be a theatrical release in 3D and that’s what we hope will happen, but it’s got to be the right marriage of concept, writer, studio, director, you know…it’s not easy to pull that off and I have no control. There’s some really interesting people that have expressed an interest to be involved and I can’t really talk about it yet because none of it’s real but it’s definitely a film that will get made. Probably unlikely that it’ll get shot this year, but maybe in the next three to six months, we’ll have a deal done and we can at least announce who’s involved, and the timeline that it’s gonna be.

Of course, Charlie is the king of unproduced sequels and already has another chapter to the franchise perpetually in-the-works, PUPPET MASTER: AXIS OF EVIL. In a strange way, the first PUPPET MASTER can already be experienced in 3D, as a Stereoscopic DVD is available.

But if this does happen, the question is: Will it follow the plot of the first two films which were decidedly slasher-centric? Or the entries from part three onward, which re-positioned the tiny terrors as heroes?

Source: Ideology Of Madness Interview With Charles Band

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6 Responses to “ First Talk: Charles Band On Puppet Master 3D ”

  1. I’m Pinhead – called it!

  2. Charles Band is determined to make every movie he possibly can involving puppets, dolls, and other assorted miniature objects. Actually I really enjoy the first few Puppet Master movies. It sounds like 3D puppets could be a lot of fun.

  3. may i ask what happened to the main site??? and MAKE THIS MOVIE i love this movie and would love a remake.

  4. CJ, stop asking the same questions over and over. I answered this question last time you asked it, and other questions you asked elsewhere, when you asked them. Stop this.

  5. John im sorry. i guess i forgot to look back where i asked it first. sorry! :(

  6. Was always a huge Full Moon fan. Watched all their movies in the early/mid 90s. Will never forget their strategy of charging 100 bucks for each VHS tape. Actually bought Pit and the Pendulum twice.

    Next time you talk to him, would be cool if you asked him if he knows what happened to Rona De Ricci. After Pendulum, she seemed to vanish off the face of the earth.

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