First Wrong Turn 3 Images Revealed

Who’s with me on this – WRONG TURN (2003) is the modern-day descendant of Jeff Lieberman’s JUST BEFORE DAWN (1981)? I haven’t had the courage to venture into the recent sequel yet as its Reality-TV struck me as totally non-retro and so-played (but I trust you guys – what did you think of it? Should I go there?).

The upcoming WRONG TURN 3 (Fox, director: Declan O’Brien) however looks like more a return to basics, with a bunch of prisoners providing the cannibal meals this turn.





Source: Shock Till You Drop

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5 Responses to “ First Wrong Turn 3 Images Revealed ”

  1. Looks fun! I actually liked Wrong Turn 2 for some reason. Hopefully part 3 will be just as good. Bring on the inbreds!!

  2. I loved WT, but the killer (supposed to be THree-Fingers?) looks really generic.

  3. Wrong Turn is worth seeing. Wrong Turn 2 is pretty good and I think Henry Rollins character helped it a lot. He was fun to see tangle with the cannibals.

  4. I enjoyed the first two WT’s so I’ll give this one a chance. It’s pretty cool to see the director wearing a Killer Klowns from Outerspace t-shirt.

  5. Number 2 is somewhat unique in that you really don’t know who’s gonna survive. The director – what’s his name – is a horror geek and that shows up on the screen. Always nice.

    Cabin Fever 2 drops sometime this month as well.

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