Freddy Krueger Week Starts Today

freddy1Retro Slashers is celebrating the return of Freddy Krueger to the big screen with a week dedicated to the slasher icon.  We’ll showcase some of the Freddy merchandise that popped up during the height of Freddy Mania, offer a mini review of the New Nightmare hitting theaters April 30th, and keep you updated on the box-office returns as the results come in.

We also want your thoughts on the Nightmare remake.  Are you excited? Worried? Pissed off?  Let us know.  My biggest question is can Freddy Krueger survive without Robert Englund?  Is the character strong enough to keep going even after the man famous for the role has been replaced?  Some popular characters can continue on no matter who is playing the part.  Just look at all the different actors who’ve played Dracula, the Frankenstein Monster, Michael Myers, and Jason.  Norman Bates and the Psycho franchise, on the other hand, died with Anthony Perkins.  Next weekend’s box-office might tell us which category Freddy falls into.

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7 Responses to “ Freddy Krueger Week Starts Today ”

  1. Yeah, I’ll just state now that I fucking hated Robert Englund —

    — ‘s jokety-joke-joke schtick.

    The first couple of Nightmares were awesome because of the Hook: a maniac can kill you in your sleep!

    Once it became the fucking Freddy Show, I was out. And I was what, seven or eight years old? I don’t remember.

    As to the ‘New Nightmare’, I’ve read the script and it’s pretty good. Hearing Haley speak in the trailers sounds a bit too similar to his Rorschach voice – like REALLY similar.

    We’ll see.

  2. The remake is another Platinum Dunes thing. It will seem OK at first. Then the shear awful glossiness, bland casting and pointlessness will sink in. Remember, these are the people who gave us the TCM remake! A cannibal film too squeamish to even hint at the subject. The Hitcher remake, truly abysmal. And numerous other motion pictures of shocking stupidity. So NOES will be poor. The trailers look poor, the cast looks poor, the script looks poor and the direction competent in the modern style. Obviously fans of tight jeans and crop-tops will be happy, as this is Mr Bay’s production signature. In the old days they would have given this chap bikini quickies to make, now they give him mega budgets.

  3. P.S
    And the biggest joke is that I will see it as soon as it’s released and buy the DVD, blue-ray and pencil case. Because I am a horror film nerd and can’t help myself. Worse still, I am so excited about seeing this thing I am like a kid at Christmas.

  4. I am with Racicot- in my humble opinion, the only Nightmares that were scary and edgy were the first(obviously) and the for some reason maligned part 2. By the time Dream Warriors came, you had the cutesy, MTV pop sensibility starting to seep in, music videos depicting Freddy being defeated by hair metal bands, and this is the movie where the one liners really became part of the dialogue of the character…..UGH. Not that part three was bad, but by that point, the writing was on the wall…all the producers and execs knew this was a cash cow, and exploited the fuck out of it. It’s always that way- the best Halloweens are part 1 and 2, the best Fridays are parts 1, 2, 3, and 4, etc.

  5. mad i wont be able to see the remake the day it comes out :(

  6. I just watched the new remake and i’m sorry but nobody can replace Robert Englund. Freddy was my childhood fear it was so scary to me and when they have someone new playing the part it just seems like a totally different movie. It was pretty good but Robert is Freddy Krueger I really wish he would have played in the new one especially with todays technology that would have been awsome.

  7. Freddy? without Robert? You gotta be joking.The remake was a total failure -.- it SUCKED

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