Freddy Krueger’s A Nightmare on Elm Street magazine

In 1989 Marvel Comics gave Freddy Krueger is own black and white magazine.  The magazine only lasted for two issues due to the outcry from angry parents.  Marvel wanted no part of the controversy and cancelled the book before the sales figures for the first issue came in, at least that was the popular theory going around at the time.  Apparently, none of the angry parents noticed the “Illustrated Horror for Mature Readers” warning on the covers.  A third issue with a back to school theme was planned, the cover art can be seen at the end of the second issue.  Sadly, Freddy fans will probably never see that lost Nightmare story.

The two issues that did make it on to newsstands were written by Steve Gerber.  Tony DeZuniga provided the killer art work while Alfredo Alcala  handled finishes.  Rich Buckler also contributed art to the first issue but he’s missing from the second.  The beautiful covers are by Joe Jusko.

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  1. i have these magazines they worth anything?

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