Friday the 13th Part III on UK TV – in 3D!


Slasher fans in the UK are in for a rare treat next week when Channel 4 screens Friday the 13th Part III in 3D as part of its seven-day 3D season. Special specs in an unusual blue-and-orange colour combo are available free of charge from Sainsbury’s supermarkets, so grab a pair (or a pair of pairs!) while they last.


There are two chances to catch the movie, showing on Friday 20 November at 10pm and Saturday 21 November at 10.20pm. Here’s what Channel 4 has to say about it:


Jason Voorhees is back from the dead to wreak havoc again, this time on a group of friends camping at the woods. Rumoured to be the child that drowned at Crystal Lake 30 years ago, Jason is seeking revenge for his premature death – and sports his now famous hockey mask for the first time.


Also look out for a 3D screening of Flesh for Frankenstein (AKA Andy Warhol’s Frankenstein) on Tuesday 17 November at 12.40am, as well as all sorts of offbeat 3D programming throughout the rest of the week. It promises to be an eye-popping event!


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3 Responses to “ Friday the 13th Part III on UK TV – in 3D! ”

  1. This is awesome! I always wanted to see it in its initial 3D! I’m Quite excited to say the least!

  2. Going to Sainsburys tonight, grabbing my glasses and finally watching this be-atch in 3D! :-)

  3. I’m aftraid you’d be dissapointed if you expected to get 3-D glasses from Sainsbury’s on the 20th Mark. The majority had gone {on ebay} by then!

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