Friday the 13th Parts 7 and 8 DVD Details

Paramount are really knocking out these Friday the 13th releases to coincide with the arrival of the remake on DVD. The last two to be distributed by the studio – The New Blood and Jason Takes Manhattan – are set to conclude the Deluxe Edition series on September 15. Check below for more details…


Director: John Carl Buechler
Writers: Manuel Fidello, Daryl Haney
Starring: Lar Park Lincoln, Kevin Blair, Terry Kiser, Kane Hodder

Special Features:
Commentary: – Killer Commentary by director John Carl Buechler and actors Lar Park Lincoln and Kane Hodder
Jason’s Destroyer: The Making of Friday the 13th Part VII
Slashed Scenes with Intro
Mind Over Matter: The Truth about Telekinesis
Makeover by Maddy: Need a Little Touch-Up Work, My Ass


Director: Rob Hedden
Writer: Rob Hedden
Starring: Kane Hodder, Jensen Daggett, Scott Reeves, Kelly Hu

Special Features:
Commentary: – Killer Commentary by actors Jensen Daggett, Scott Reeves, and Kane Hodder
New York Has A New Problem – The Making of Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan
Slashed Scenes
Gag Reel

Source: Dread Central

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15 Responses to “ Friday the 13th Parts 7 and 8 DVD Details ”

  1. i cannot wait!

  2. Those are some bad ass covers!

  3. New Blood with the slashed scenes is the Holy Grail of Friday the 13th films. Really Looking forward to this one.

  4. I’m loving these deluxe editions. It’s about time they were given good releases.

  5. Part VIII uncut scenes? Yeah!
    We’ve seen most of 7, so whatever. Though I want some extra Melissa-whack footage. Sounds cool.

    But I want to see Part VIII’s the most. Trimming a bad flick cried out for disaster. The saving grace gone? No! Must see JJ get guitared!

  6. Josh, you sold me on buying part 8 also. Was Part 8 Severely cut?

  7. All the Paramounr sequels were severely cut as the MPAA were embarassed about allowing the first film through uncensored. Fans have criticised the second, sixth and eighth ove the years for being tame, but that’s because they were butchered before release.

  8. God damn it, why do parts 4-8 get great special features (no complaints there), but we got almost nothing (or just nothing) for parts 1-3? They didn’t even carry over commentary tracks from the old boxset.

  9. Not to mention that the deleted gore should be INSERTED into the movie. It may make the later Friday the 13th’s more tolerable to watch.

  10. Will this mean they’ll reintroduce a new box set containing these “expanded” titles?

  11. I’d much prefer uncut versions of these films (like Lionsgate’s justly celebrated My Bloody Valentine DVD) instead of relegating the cut scenes to the bonus features. Besides, didn’t the box set already have the cut scenes from The New Blood? I’m not enticed enough by these “Deluxe Editions” to double dip.

  12. The double dipping is annoying but I hear the Final Chapter had more deleted scenes then the Boxset. (Which I was in such a hurry to but in 2004) I really don’t want to double dip but 4,7,8 are my favorites and I know I will.

  13. Awesome features. But I’m still mad that part 2 didn’t get any decent features and the later films get great treatment.

  14. I agree with Kelly.

  15. I won the deluxe editions for part 7 and 8 today!!!!!!!!! It’ll probaly take over a month to get them but I’m sure I”ll have them in time for halloween for sure, so I”ll probably watch them then

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