Friday the 13th Sequel?


Fans have been debating since February whether or not the success of Friday the 13th would prompt a sequel in the near future. Despite being pre-occupied with their reboot of A Nightmare on Elm Street, Platinum Dunes producer Brad Fuller has hinted that a new instalment of the long running franchise may be on the cards.

“If we’re going to do another Friday the 13th we want to present something audiences haven’t seen before and one of the things they haven’t seen before is Jason in the snow. We just want to bring things they haven’t seen before,” Fuller stated, although he admits that there is no completed script at present. “Whatever we need to do to make our kills feel clever in our second film is what we’re going to do. I think turning (Jason) into a space-going astronaut is the direction we’re going to go in. But that’s a criticism goes to my heart. I feel I failed the fans in that those kills were not original enough.”

Platinum DunesFriday the 13th will debut on DVD this week as a ‘killer cut,’ with added violence and nudity.


Source: STYD

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7 Responses to “ Friday the 13th Sequel? ”

  1. I wouldn’t be surprised to NOT see snow in the next one. Snow has been floated at least once before, pre-JASON X.

  2. I hope they do. I really want to see Jason in every season. Maybe next summer he’ll fly to Hawaii

  3. Fuck, this guy Fuller is a knob.

    Obviously the *lesson* of not letting a producer fuck-up the story has not gotten through.

    There’s a comic with Jason hiking around in the snow killing assholes and Indians — did nothing for me, and can’t imagine it doing anything for anyone else.

    Jason was scary when we went to our cottages/ lake houses/ summer camps. Now that kids don’t do those things anymore, I suggest you let Jason live out his golden years by himself — or put him in Rehab with the Rich White Kids.

  4. Let’s face it, the movie made double it’s budget on opening night alone! There WILL be another F13 coming at some point. Whether or not it will be any good is besides the point, the film still rakes in money! There will be another one.

  5. Bring on part 11. Screw a sequel. Actually the remake should have been part 11.

  6. The remake IS part 11. No matter what people say, it is technically a sequel with the original’s name attached to it.

  7. the kills in the remake were fine to me
    i feel bad he said that he failed us to me he didnt fail

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