Throughout its thirty year legacy, the Friday the 13th franchise has boasted some truly memorable moments. But there were several scenes that were cut, either from the script or the finished film, for a variety of reasons. Here’s a few that, in a perfect world, would have made their way into the series...

Whilst failing to live up to the promise that the set piece promised, one scene to have made its way into Todd Farmer’s script but not the movie was a sequence in which an explosion on board the Grendel results in a temporary loss of gravity. With both cargo and crew floating aimlessly, ship android Kay-Em manages to grab hold of the wall using her magnetics and attempts to rescue her friends, who desperately try to escape from Jason. This scene would involve several characters who were eventually omitted from the movie (Thorgan, Rizzo, Boeman, DeLongpre) forming a ‘human chain’ as Kay-Em tries to stop them from drifting towards Jason. Sadly, despite a few promising moments, the scene would not result in any zero gravity bloodshed but could still have made an interesting sequence.

Having been rescued from the depths of Crystal Lake by Megan, Tommy Jarvis looks out at the water and declares ‘It’s over, it’s finally over. Jason is home.’ The next scene to have originally been included in writer/director Tom McLoughlin’s tongue-in-cheek script would have been the introduction of Jason’s as-then-unmentioned father, Elias Voorhees. Martin, the cemetery caretaker (who had not been killed in the script), is knelt down pulling weeds from off of a tombstone when a large shadow is cast over him. Quickly turning around, he nervously says ‘Nice to see you again, Mr. Voorhees…Haven’t seen you in Crystal…er, Forest Green, in quite some time.’ Martin insists to the imposing figure that he has been taking care of both his wife and son’s graves as he is passed his regular payment. Left alone to inspect the resting place of his family, McLoughlin describes that ‘These eyes are truly evil. Cold. Dark. Demonic.’ Elias Voorhees was once again set to appear in Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday but was eventually cut from the story.

Instead of the generic re-tread of the first film’s infamous climax, in which this time the rotten corpse of Pamela Voorhees would jump out of the lake and pull heroine Chris under the water, only for the event to be revealed as just a dream, a planned alternative ending for Steve Miner’s 3D spectacle Friday the 13th Part 3 would have been far more shocking. Having seemingly defeated Jason and survived until dawn, Chris opens the door to discover that Jason is still very much alive and, with a swift blow of his machete, slices her head clean off. Again, this was to have been a dream and the character would have been shown to still be alive at the end, but the sequence would have packed more of a punch. Another effect which the filmmakers attempted saw Jason having his stomach hacked open, causing his guts to spill out at the camera in 3D. Sadly, nervous executives at Paramount chose to ignore both endings and eventually went with the one used in the theatrical cut.

Avoiding the usual criticism of very little of the film actually being set in New York (due to budgetary issues), one minor incident to have been removed from the script was on the characters’ first arrival in the Big Apple. Having made their way to shore after the massacre that took place on board the S.S Lazarus, the kids head off into the city whilst Jason climbs out of the water. His first evil deed would have been to brutally kick a dog, presumably just for the sake of it (Hodder’s performance was at Jason’s most angry). But, surprisingly, the actor refused to do the scene, stating that the one thing Jason would never do is hurt a dog. A somewhat redundant argument as he succeeded in doing just that in the second film, but perhaps the way that writer/director Rob Hedden had scripted it was a little too savage.

The original opening for Sean S. Cunningham’s movie would have been a more dramatic and action packed sequence than the one eventually used in the finished release. Having left the campfire to be alone, young lovers Barry and Claudette were to have taken a walk around the lake as the unseen killer slowly follows them out-of-sight. A chase would have then ensued around the boathouse, instead of them simply being stabbed in the barn. This drastic re-write was necessary as, on the first night when the sequence was due to be filmed, snow would caused various technical problems and a more simple scene was required.

Probably the most uninspired killing in Danny Steinmann’s otherwise ultra-sleazy Friday the 13th movie A New Beginning was the death of punk chick Violet. Whereas her friends had been dispatched in a variety of brutal and inventive ways, Violet’s demise came with a simple stab to the gut. But that was not how Steinmann had originally envisioned it. Whilst performing her bizarre-yet-awesome robot dance to the tune of Pseudo Echo‘s ‘His Eyes’, Jason would slowly sneak into the room and make his way towards her. Sensing a presence, she turns around as a machete is thrust violently up between her legs, the blade digging deep into her crotch. Realising that the movie would fall foul of the censors (it would eventually take nine attempts to get the film passed the MPAA), Steinmann panicked and re-shot the sequence.

Whilst it would hardly have made a drastic change including the brief scene, The New Blood would have originally featured an epilogue after the action packed finale in which a fisherman is seen out on the lake enjoying a leisurely morning, when suddenly Jason jumps out from under the water and drags him down below. Perhaps, with similar sequences having already been used in both the first and third film, director John Carl Buechler decided against using the shot.

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16 Responses to “ FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE LOST SCENES ”

  1. Great article. I’ve always wonderd about the scene with Jason’s dad in Jason lives so thanks for that Christian!

  2. Nice rundown, although it’s not certain that Jason killed the already-dead dog in Part 2, and, if he did, it would have been for food, most likely. I have always felt that Jason killed mainly due to the trespasses of all those teens, and he could care less about harming a dog just for the sake of it. So, I agree with the actor on this one; the scene definitely would not have added anything, from what I can tell.

  3. I agree that the dog in Part 2 is debatable. I always felt that’s what they were hinting at but it is open to interpretation. But, as nasty as the scene would have been, it would have shown just how brutal Jason can be. Something which the eighth movie severely lacked.

  4. What about Alice’s cat in part 2? I’ve always wonderd if Jason throws it through the window!

  5. I’ve never bothered looking too deeply into that one. I always just saw it as a gag to make the audience jump and not really a plot device. But it’s an interesint point, although by then I think he’s already in the house as she gets killed not long after. Still, it’d be fun now and then instead of watching the victim inside watch Jason outside throwing things through windows and tiptoeing up to doors.

  6. Sadly I am sure we will never get to see these- well the ones that were indeed shot, Violet’s death was not– unless someone fromthe crew owns the footage.

  7. When I first saw part V I thought Viloets death scene was going to be awesome – so was hugely disappointed by what I saw.

    Even thought a machete to the crotch would have been nasty as hell it’s good to know they hadnt just run out of steam by the time they got to her murder!

  8. Any truth to the rumor that Dana Kimmell had the ending to Friday part 3 changed? Rumor has it that Kimmel had the producers change many things including the ending. I’ve never belived it myself. Surely Kimmell wouldn’t have had that power?

  9. Some of these would have been great! I have a feeling the alternate ending of part 3 and the crotch killing in part 5 are going to surface on DVD some day. I’ve seen so many different angles and pics of the alternate end of part 3, I find it hard to believe the footage doesn’t exist somewhere. Maybe they are saving it?
    Anyway what the hell were they thinking replacing the awesome alternate ending with Jason’s dead mom (head attached even..)jumping out of the lake that she never even went in to begin with? Half-assed in comparison. After all they were both dream sequences, so why not use the far more shocking one? I still love part 3, but we were robbed on that one

  10. Oh yeah, I swear I’ve seen the end of part 6 with Tommy’s extra lines. Can’t remember where or when though.

  11. The reason given for the decapitation not being used in Friday the 13th Part 3 was that the rig used started spurting out too much blood and the producers thought it would cause issues with the censors (for more info, see page 107 of Making Friday the 13th)

    As for the quesion about Dana Kimmell forcing changes, here’s a quote from the same book from her (page 98) –
    “No, once filming began, I did everything that was asked of me and I didn’t have any problems with anyone… Before filming, when I’d read the script, I did ask Frank Mancuso Jr. to trim down some of the really gory stuff, and some of the sexual stuff in the script, because I certainly wasn’t going to take my clothes off.”

    Hope that answers your question Jay.

  12. Cheers for that Christian

  13. I actually would’ve liked that ending for part 7. It would have been a cool wink to the audience to have a full-grown Jason doing that.

  14. Iv always wondered about Jasons dad…

  15. Does anhyone know what posters are in violets room in friday13 5.
    A New begining.

  16. The long one behind her in the close up is of The Alan Parsons Project, I can’t remember what the others looked like off hand.

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