Fright Night remake in the Works

frightnightWow, the remakes news just keeps getting worse.  Colin Farrell is set to play the lead vampire in Dreamworks new remake.  That’s right, fear fans, one of the dullest actors in Hollywood is going to play Charley’s (Anton Yelchin)  “charismatic” vampire neighbor.  Mr. Woodcock director Graig Gillespie is in charge of this trainwreck and Marti Noxon handled the script.  Normally, I try not to pass judgement on a remake before the finished product hits the screen but this one has disaster written all over it.

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5 Responses to “ Fright Night remake in the Works ”

  1. Well at least Fright Night is not getting the PD treatment and Colin Farrell is only one of the dullest actors. Yet again it’s another film I know for certain i will not like and will feel forced to watch. This is the thing with these remakes, curiosity builds until eventually you have to see the damn things, then you find yourself mumbling “no, no, no, they’ve got it all wrong”
    Why can’t they just rip things off like they did in the old days? most of these films wouldn’t exist without good honest theft. Imagine what would have happened to the Slasher movie if instead knock-offs everyone had just decided to raid the vaults for something to remake. We wouldn’t have had the Prowler or MBV or Friday 13 or anything else. Instead we would have had more remakes of the Cat and the Canary and Spiral Staircase than you could throw potatoes at.
    I always preferred Fright Night 2.

  2. Damn! Is nothing sacred?

    You know, with the huge vampire craze going on right now, I figured it was only a matter of time before they announced this. :(

  3. They should definitely throw Stephen Geoffreys a bone(no pun intended), and give him a cameo.

  4. awesome. maybe the original will get a fully loaded DVD re-release like My Bloody Valentine did after it’s remake came out.

  5. Farrell did a great job as BULLSEYE in DareDevil. For me, his performance saved the movie, Jennifer Garner didnt hurt either. but other than that……..

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