From Game Show to Horror Show!

Is it jut me, or does evil killer Marty Rantzen from Slaughter High look like famous game show host Bill Cullen:

I’m just sayin’…

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13 Responses to “ From Game Show to Horror Show! ”

  1. Hahaha! He does, a little bit.

    Slaughter High is great. I think it’s pretty underrated, actually. I thought it had great kills, and Harry Manfredini’s score was great…..he even used some samples from Friday the 13th. This needs an official DVD release.

  2. damme right madman for the dvd release but i hope a lot of comentary iam very curius about the electric bed seen

  3. i LOVE slaughter high! great film that definitely deserves a good 2 disc release ( like one dark night’s release).

  4. A another great slasher classic!!!Need definitely a dvd realase, i will buy it and replace my old vhs copy! Code Red please your only hope :)

    And i don’t know if somebody know it! but i read a news about a dvd of dark night of the scarecrows is in work!!!!

  5. I would snatch up a DVD of Slaughter High so damn quick…

    It’s -the- movie that got me back into 80’s horror after an extended recess. This review, in particular:

    Reading that, I knew I had to track it down and watch it. I’ve been (re-)addicted ever since.

  6. “Slaughter High” is a great example of a kick-back, turn-your-brain-off, and bask in the memories slasher. It’s completely brainless but a great deal of fun. I’d buy a DVD in an instant.

  7. I’m with Zack. Turn your brain off and enjoy.

    I’d love a DVD too. This is a movie I enjoy watching sometimes. I don’t watch it every week, but once or twice a year for sure. It’s kind of addictive in its weirdness…

  8. btw, what do you think is under the potatoes?

  9. i hope one of this day’s mcfarlay gonne a doing a action figure of Marty that will be asowme no

  10. neca should make one!

  11. Rituals is right. It’s a little off topic, but Dark Night of the Scarecrow is getting a DVD release. I don’t know if the release date has be set, but it is definetly going to happen. That is great news. Slaughter High is one of those films you can never forget. I saw it for the first time when I was about 10 and it has stayed with me ever sense. Very creepy atmosphere and sense of dread even with the 30 year old English actors trying to pass themselves off as young Americans.

  12. i got a sugjestion to evry one bloge pepole her what do you tink to create a petition for the web sit code red wen he come back of corse because we deserve this the most great slasherfan famly

  13. I think Harry Manfedini has used samples of the Friday the 13th score in every film he has ever scored. :p Harry likes to ride it till the wheels fall off.

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