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I feel kinda guilty I never kept up with CBS TV’s HARPER’S ISLAND, but the only serial TV show I can fit into my busy life is LOST and only LOST. But I digress:  HARPER’S ISLAND was pitched as a simple concept – a finite series where each week, another character/suspect is knocked off and the killer’s identity revealed in the final ep. I only watched the pilot before I was called to rejoin the Dharma Initiative.

Still, I was super-impressed at the pilot, which contained a gory double-death, interesting characters and chin-stroking mystery. It’s perhaps apt that Paramount are releasing the full series on DVD, those cats were responsible for APRIL FOOL’S DAY (1986), a film HARPER’S ISLAND shares a great deal of favorable similarity with: A whodunnit set on an island amongst a celebratory setting, and heavily Agatha Christie inspired.

What I missed week-to-week will surely be a treat to watch in one go, like a sprawling, epic 8-hr+ slasher saga. Disc streets on October 8th, more details as they become available – join me in repenting by picking up a copy.

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7 Responses to “ From TV To DVD: Harper's Island ”

  1. Bloody-Disgusting reported that it’s coming out September 8th, not October 8th. Any confirmation on either of these dates?

    Oh, the ending to the series was a bit cliche. I was kinda let down. For those who have seen it, you know what I’m talking about.

  2. Yes.
    i have a confession.
    i have never watched a single episode.
    i feel really stupid but thats why im SUPER excited for the dvd

  3. I have watched ever episode except the finale. My DVR only caught the second hour of the 2 hour finale. The show was OK, it had some awesome death scenes for a TV show but the story was a bit hard to believe in! I know it’s only a TV show, but the story was downright absurd.

    However the acting in the series was actually pretty good and it did show some intense gore for a television show. Those who were fans of the show should be happy that all episodes were filmed before it aired. The series did not do well at all and CBS said numerous times that they would have canceled the show had not all the episodes been shot which is why it moved to the television graveyard: Saturday Night.

    Think you would have been bummed not finding out who the killer was? Well rest assure peeps. It’s happened before with FOX’s mystery “Reunion”. A far better show than Harper’s Island was, but the show was canceled mid season and the fans never got to find out who the killer was. The only answer we got from the creator was, “We can’t tell you who the killer was because it would not make sense as some key characters were not yet introduced.” So I guess we’re lucky that all the ep’s were filmed.

    Even still it’s a slasher mini series that premiered on CBS, so that is cool. I would have liked for the show to have done better to help out our beloved genre but nevertheless I don’t really think it hurt it in anyway.

  4. I actually enjoyed Harper’s Island. I could never catch the shows when they originally aired so “On Demand” was my friend. It was pretty gory to be a tv show but the acting was solid. I’ll admit I was a bit miffed when I found out who the killer was because when you really think about it, their reason for killing everyone was stupid. But I still liked it! I’m definitely gonna get the dvd.

  5. Okay so the finale was odd. The series as a whole was fantastic. They kept you guessing through out the hole thing and the death scens were done with such gruesomeness it would have made Rob Zombie proud. As for who was the killer, holy crap!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I was not going to guess that, but then again it was creepy. Hello insest anyone? But hey, all is well and as for the release date it is: 09/08/09. Via

  6. I watched the first 3 or 4 episodes and I really like it but CBS changed the night it came on and I had no clue! I tuned in 2 weeks in a row on a Thursday and then found out it changed to Saturday which did NOT work for me. I was hoping this would get a dvd release!! Yaaaaay!

  7. Enjoyed this thriller immensely! Cannot wait to purchase the DVD and view all the extras. Particularly liked the performances by Dean Chekvala as J.D. and the actors portraying Chloe and Cal. The cinematography and music are great as well. Highly recommend.

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