Future Kill Composer Robert Renfrow Passes Away

I have been informed by a close friend of Future Kill composer and true Texan Robert Renfrow that he passed away on December 9th 2010 after a short illness. He was only 49. It feels like a major blow to me – in 2006 I interviewed Renfrow and it was one of my favorite interview experiences ever, having seen the movie an innumerable amount of times and knowing every synth tune in the back of my mind. I know he enjoyed recollecting his experiences from the movie, too.

The sound quality in the video here doesn’t do Renfrow’s score justice (one reason the film score really needs to be released), it’s a fitting track to include here, with the title ‘Splatter’s Requiem’.

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  1. That is sad to hear especially around this time of the year. I’m sorry for his family’s loss. Not a fan of Future Kill….Couldn’t even get through the whole movie.

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