Go to the Woods With the Latest Low Budget Slasher


For those tired of remakes and sequels, the latest slasher throwback to hit DVD is the bizarrely titled Kids Go to the Woods…Kids Get Dead, which sees a group of friends partying at a cabin in the woods, only to fall victim of a deranged killer. Sound familiar? This movie may score no points for originality but those that miss the rural slashers of the early eighties may be interested in checking out this new low budget flick from filmmaker Michael Hall.

Boasting a killer that resembles My Bloody Valentine, Hall has attempted to create an experience that transports the viewer back to the heyday of the genre when slasher films were viewed at drive-ins, late night theatres and on VHS. The movie can either viewed on the big screen in New York at the Hell Gate Social on June 21 or alternatively in the comfort of your own home via DVD or download.

To view more details visit the official site.


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  1. Good catch, Christian! Killer reminds me of MY BLOODY VALENTINE.

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